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WW: Solute to the Troops Thanks for all that you DO

to see it in large detail click picture Takin on Rt 59 Near Bartlet Illinois in front of the VFW hall. Can I ask a Favor? I’m in a contest for Comments on one of my posts would you mind leaving a comment (if you have not already) about Youth Sports I’d really appreciate it. [...]

MY Boys love Trains

THere is a Thomas the Train giveaway at MomTrends and I’m crossing my fingers. G loves Thomas and so does Cranky Pants. Hurry to enter giveaway ends TONIGHT! TOOT TOOT!!Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I try to return all comments made. Take care and Have a GREAT day Hope you will [...]

I have got to get this or I’ll just scream

Theres a Flip Camera giveaway at She has unlimited entry’s as long as you follow the rules. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win. Wish me luck Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I try to return all comments made. Take care and Have a GREAT day Hope you will come [...]

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate are so Yummy

when you make them in a Keurig. The Keurig Platinum Brewer is featured giveaway along with 4 Boxes of Kcups. Hurry and get your entrys in before tomorrow when this giveaway is over. Head on over to All Hail Queen Mommy before June 30 11:59 EST. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. [...]

My Vaccum not working again! I so need…

to win the Hoover Platinum collection at Frugal Road Island Mama. Hoover with the Pattened wind tunnel and Hepa Filter. Hurry if your going to enter her giveaway it ends tomorrow 6/30. Before you RUN can you do me a FAVOR I need comments on a certain post to win a gift card can you [...]

Kids say the Funniest Things

Is a Featured Meme dedicated to Kids each week Join in the fun by clicking the button and heading on over to G is 3 1/2 G watching Ooobie. “Mom I love this”Mom “Oh ya?”G “Yah Mom! (giggle) I love watching Boobies”Mom: “Um..No G its OOOOBiee!”G: giggling Yah yah thats what I told you! [...]

Pom Pom and Baton Competition Oh My!

Yesterday I did 6 hours of running around for my Daughters Pom Pom & Baton Competition. Picking up a long list of Must haves for the routines she was doing. She was so nervous and wasn’t really sure she wanted to go since she’s only been a member for the last 2 months. The squad [...]

Blogher and Ford Want To Know

Which Ford car would you pick to take on the Road for a Blogher 09′ Ticket? With the days of the economy and things being real tight for many you want to drive a fuel efficient vehicle. A car to keep the air that we breathe clean and eco friendly to drive. Blogher 09′ is [...]

UPrinting has a Bloggers Opportunity. Want In?

The baby woke me up nice and early this am. I was up til’ 2am with him so I’m not sure what he’s thinking. He has this crazy obsession with a stuffed singing Puppy thats been around here for years. I taped it yesterday and will add a link to MomTv later. I wanted to [...]

Pregnant? Don’t let this Opportunity Go By

When I was pregnant with my last child all I could do is think about if I should or shouldn’t do Cord Blood Banking. It wasn’t a hard decision knowing that a best friends daughter suffered from Leukemia just 6 yrs ago at the tender age of Four and how horrible it was for her [...]

Aloha Friday-I need your help

Welcome to this Week’s Edition of Aloha Friday. “In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy [...]

Want comments on your blog?? I’ll come give you TWO…

Need comments I need a FAVOR. Can you help a MOM out and leave me a comment on the post underneathe this one. PLEASE…Please WITH Icecream and whip creame, carmel and hot fudge and nuts and a few cheeries on top Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Don’t forget to add yourself [...]

Youth Sports and Helping your Child Be the Best They Can Be

Summer Brings about many activities but one great activity that we enjoy participating in is Youth Baseball. My oldest was in youth baseball and had a difficult time with the way he was treated on the team. Not feeling good enough or playing enough with or as a team. As a result coaches benched him, [...]

Calling all Military Families! Laps Tops for Flat Tops

No one knows first hand how difficult it is to be left behind wondering what your significant other is doing while serving our country. I was married to a Military Man at the young age of 20yrs old. He joined the service during a difficult time. Dessert storm and was stationed in Germany. With our [...]

Wordless Wednesday Something Unique

HUGE favor TIME PLEASE leave me a COMMENT ON THE POST above this oNE PLEASEEEEEEEEE! Hope you will come by to comment and say hello. We all need Comment love. I try to return regular post comments. Have a great Day.