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Klutz: Fancy Friendship Bracelets Book Perfect Gift for Girls

I remember as I kid we used to wear those plain black bracelets that looked like washers. Remember? Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Today girls get a lot fancier with friendship bracelets by using string, beads and charms. They can knot them, sting them in designs, add flair by adding beads and unique […]

Aloha Friday: Do you love Blog Comments?

ALoha!! and Drinky Drinky…oh wait that’s another meme. Today is Aloha Friday. This is when we post a blog question for you to answer. Link up at An Island life and blog hop to answer more fun and interesting questions. I’m thinking on starting up a (day of the week) Nightly Comment love” early in […]

Milestones and Baby’s Frist Hair Cut

The last two years have seen to just flown by. My baby boy turns 2 years old next month. I can’t believe it. In the last 3 week he has gone from only saying about 5 words (mama, no, go, to exploding with language. He is starting to talk more adding words together like this: […]

WW: Sleding and Snowmobiling Fun

 Cranky pants goes for a ride with Daddy on his Arctic Cat (Firecat F7) Snowmobile  G bird gives daddy a ride  Bria get’s a ride with Daddy T-Anna Gets a ride with Uncle Jer  (G) Speed gets his own Kitty Kat to ride Wooo whoo You should of seen him drive it! Thanks for Stopping […]

4 yr old’s have the Greatest Dreams

My 4 yr old G: “Hey Mom! I had a Dream!” Me: “You had a dream? What was it about?” G: “I had a dream about a guy this big (showing me about 3 inches in height)”. He was 6. He was in the kitchen.” Me: “That’s kinda short for being 6. Don’t ya think?” […]

Childrens Modeling Competition with Next Direct

When my son was 1 I took him to a local expo and entered him in a Modeling competition. It was so much fun, but was time demanding over the first year. I know there are many mothers who would love to get their child into model and I wanted to share an opportunity I […]

Ghosts. Supernatural. Face? I have a Picture and video. What do you think?

Waking up this morning earlier than usual. I opened my eyes like I do every morning, but this time what I saw was like nothing I ever saw before. I’ve been living in this house for almost 6 years. And the last few months I’ve been feeling like something has been in the room with […]

Small Talk 6: Who? Me! Control Freek

Thought I’d have some fun today and join in on Momdot’s Small Talk 6. This weeks topic is: Today’s topic is “6 things you would rather do yourself, even if you could pay someone else to do them.” You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 […]

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