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My Daughter Got Her Braces Off

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In July of last year we took my 9 yr old daughter into get braces put on because she had a two tooth that obviously were confused as to where they were suppose to be. You check out the process of how they put braces on here.

This was her teeth in July before we had braces put on

Minutes before having them removed

How’s that for a Beautiful Smile?

She said she really wasn’t smiling here that I snapped too soon but I wanted you to see how straight here teeth are.  The ortho did a great job. Now she has a retainer glued to the back of her front teeth to keep them in place. We are waiting on the back one’s to come in and the bottom too before moving on to the next phase but until then She has a perfectly beautiful straight smile.

Lucky for us we have insurance that covered $1000, so far it’s cost us $500 out of pocket. I just hope it won’t be much more than that for the next phase.

26 Responses to My Daughter Got Her Braces Off

  1. She is beautiful!

  2. She looks so great! I can still remember what a wonderful feeling it was to get my braces off back 10 years ago! :)

  3. She looks great! What a pretty girl! I bet she is happy to have them off. I never had braces (SO lucky) but my little sister suffered through them.

  4. Such a lovely smile!

  5. What a great smile!!

  6. she looks great!!!! (love that hat btw) congrats to her. did she think her teeth felt slimy? that’s how I remember feeling when i got to feel bare teeth for the first time in YEARS

  7. Wow they look great. I wish I had had braces as a child!

  8. Gorgeous smile! Be lucky they glued the retainer on…I didn’t wear mine after 3 years of braces and my teeth got a little crooked again. OOPS!

  9. Beautiful smile. Good for her!

  10. She is beautiful! Great job on the teeth!

  11. I know she must be very relieved to have the braces off! Such a beautiful child and smile!

  12. She’s beautiful no matter where her teeth are but I bet she feels a lot more confident about her smile now.

  13. Her teeth look great!

  14. I bet she is happy to have them off!

  15. She had a beautiful smile!

  16. Beautiful!

  17. She does indeed have a beautiful smile!

  18. She looks great. She must be glad they’re off.

  19. What a beautiful smile!

  20. My daughters front teeth are doing the same, and our dentist said they will not touch them until shes 11, since she still has baby teeth to fall out and come back on.

    She looks so beautiful!