XBox 360 Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved Review + Giveaway

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When it comes to exercise and fitness if what your doing is not fun the chances of you continuing to exercise will be less. Xbox 360 Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved takes getting fit to a whole new level. I’ve shared several XBox Kinect Game reviews in the past including XBox Kinect Sports Boxing Review and Kinect Dance Central Review. Since purchasing Kinect for Christmas our family spends just about every night and hours upon hours playing fun games and spending time valuable family together.

About Your Shape Evolved
To first get started Xbox will ask you a few simple questions basic things like gender and your name to set up a profile. Then it will do a full body scan. You’ll watch as the on screen avatar “YOU” gets a full body scan and each part of your body lights up. It then scans specific body parts and tells you the width of each. (this is super cool to watch) You will also be asked your your weight. (Although it guessed mine perfect!) Xbox then customizes a weight loss goal for you and gives you something to work forward to.

Three modes of Play

Fitness Classes:

Personal Training: Select personal training when you are ready for you evaluation of your personal fitness goals you can answer a series of questions to get a better calculated work out just for you. The training is matched to your personal fitness level and work your way through 80 unique exercise routines.

You will have a personal trainer during the fitness mode to help guide you along and make the proper movements. Follow along staying in unison to insure proper technique and gain maximum points.

1. Cardio boxing: Boxing classes will get your heart pumping. Avatar will put you through a series of moves to help your body get in better shape, improve your balance, work and tone your muscles, and enhance your coordination. You will be scored on the accuracy of your moves and keeping up is a must. This is one workout I never thought I’d enjoy but it certainly has changed my view of cardio boxing and being an effective exercise. There are several modes to unlock in this area but if you keep at it you’ll make it to the next level. I’m still working on it.

2. Zen: Tai chai and Yoga movements to promote sense of inner calm and balance. Movements are slow pace and less strenuous on the body. Personally I didn’t think I’d like these either they sound boring but they actually are nice to work through when you don’t feel like a strenuous work out but more of a  feeling that your atleast doing something for your self that you know is better than sitting on the couch eating ice cream.

Gym Modes:

In Gym Modes you will find multiple options of games play.

  • Virtual Smash: Punch and kick your way through an array of bricks pulverizing them with spectacular results. No wimpy punching in this game. Cross punch and twist to get maximum burst of blocks and points. Kick and knee them to explode.
  • Light Pace: Step lively and stay on your toes to tap targets and follow lights. This one is a bit like Simon the popular follow the lights game.
  • Loop A Hoop: Move Your Hips and Whip up a storm. You thought hoola hops was hard. Just wait til your get moving your waist at maximum speed.  Get ready because your not only hula hoopin 1 hoop but you can hoop up to four of them. Stop moving and they all drop and you have to start over. You feel this one in your abs, your hips, and your thighs. This is a work out.
  • Stack ‘Em Up: Use poise and balance to catch shapes falling from the sky. The higher you stack em’ the more points you get. Wait for the floor to open up and tilt to dump them in. Lower your hands the shapes fall faster, raise your arms and they fall slower. You’ll start to feel it in your shoulders and arms holding up the board base and catching blocks is tiny work out full of fun.

There’s more but I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises for you.  The game does show you the available play space that you will need to stay in for the game to read your motions. The activation keys are fairly simple with a wave of your hand motion some with two step activation to begin.

Family thoughts and personal XBox 360 Kinect game experiences: In the past month I’ve lost 8 lbs. with participating in nightly game activities as well as some daytime games with my children. I’ve started cutting back on the junk food, but most of all I get off the couch and I get plenty of exercise in my living room, and the whole time I’m spending quality time with my children and my husband. The weather doesn’t start warming up until the end of April mid May around here, so getting indoor exercise this way has been a great experience for all of us.

A Sneak peak into our living room during game play (no laughing.. okay maybe just a little)

The technology is completely amazing in this game system. We never experienced anything like Kinect technology before, we purchased it for Christmas. Virtual gaming has really made some incredible advancements.  When first initially getting started the game is slow to recognize hand movement, but I still think we are getting the hang of the technology so this maybe our error.  We usually start off in Games mode. It’s fun to have a switch up of activities and the games allows for up to 4 players. Although we do have 6 family members so I really wish they would make an advancement in that area because someone always gets left out.  The games are fun and challenging for  my 5 yr old, my 10 yr old and even for my self, but not so difficult that my 2 yr old can’t participate with a little bit of help from mom. We love playing against each other for friendly family competition.  As I explained above in each of the sections that the games give a really good workout. I haven’t had enough of an experience with the Personal training sessions other than to say that I love the challenges and keeping up can be difficult if your not ready for what comes next. I love that there’s a calorie counter in the corner to help me keep track of cal0rie loss and what’s best of all is it’s all in fun and as long as I’m remaining active any exercise is good exercise.  I’m hoping to drop 20 lbs by July. We have 2 family weddings and my xx birthday is coming up too.

My oldest son’s girl has also had an opportunity to set up her own acct and is working on some of the exercises. She has worked her way through all of the games and several of the fitness routines. She really enjoys it and hopes that it will help her get in better shape for the summer as well.

The game also shares health tips along the way as you work out reminding you to keep your back and legs positioned properly as well as to drink plenty of water.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved is available on for the sale price of $40.00-$44.99 new.
You can also find it any where Xbox Kinect Games are sold. Toys r us, Sears, Wal-mart but they will be priced around $49.99 new.

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    20. Jamie Martin says:

      We play lotsa Wiifit in this house; I’m trying to teach the kid to ride a bike, but that’s more frustrating than I thought. I’ve only played Kinect once, but I wanna try the Kinectables! It looks adorable.