SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Ergomotion Laser mouse Review + Giveaway

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Spending a lot of time on the computer blogging, chatting with facebook friends or playing games we all know how tiring it can get with a touch pad and no range of motion for our wrist. My wrist certainly gets cramped often. The Smartfish Ergomotion Laser mouse features a patented pivot motion design that allows the mouse to move with your natural hand and wrist positions, adapting to your unique movements while you work to help promote blood flow.

What I really found interesting about the Ergomotion is how easy it is to operate. The Batteries where in the box, you simply insert them under the mouse, pull out the little clip and insert it in your drive in the side of the lap top, it installs and away you go. Not only is is so much more comfortable to operate than the standard stable mouse, but it gives your wrist a nice little stretch of exercise that feels oh so good.

The Truth About Ergonomic Products
Many ergonomic products on the market today are designed to find the perfect “fixed position” to alleviate stress to the user’s hands and wrists while they work. These products are designed with the belief that by placing the user’s hands and wrists at a “natural” angle this will properly address Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). However, studies show repetition, not the position, induces RSI such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), proving that any fixed position will not solve the problem. In fact, over time, prolonged work in the same position will only cause injury no matter how natural the position.

Motion Heals
ErgoMotion™ is built on the concept that movement is the key to healthier computing. The medical community has long supported movement to be beneficial to the human body, which promotes blood flow and decreases inflammation—inadequate blood circulation and inflammation are both considered key contributors to RSI. It was Smartfish’s founder, Dr. Jack Atzmon, who’s own experience with RSI lead him to question the effects ergonomic computer products had while he worked. Through Dr. Atzmon’s own research he challenged “fixed-position” products and their claimed benefits, and developed a theory that motion was the solution to true ergonomics.

Here have a look at this video on Smartfish ergomotion laser mouse and another product from Smartfish like the World’s first ergomotion keyboard that prevents repetitive stress injury for those who spend many hours on the computer like me.

My Thoughts: I always get excited when testing out new technology. This mouse is so comfortable to operate. Pivoting, sliding, clicking all easy. There’s an easy scroll bar on top for scrolling up and down pages so much easier than holding down a button with one finger and griping and sliding with two fingers. It’s small and portable and easy to turn off with a on/off switch located on the bottom which means you don’t use up your batteries when not in use. When your done with the mouse you simply pull out the insert, and store it back up in the battery compartment til you need it again.

Whirl Laser Mouse with Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot – Black is available on today for only $43.40

* ~ GIVEAWAY ~ *

Win It: Smartfish Technologies is offering Night Owl Mama readers the opportunity to win their very own SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Ergomotion Laser mouse. Rv. $49.99

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Disclaimer: I received product featured above for promotion and providing an honest review. Thoughts and honest opinion shared is 100% my own

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