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Collections that can be Worth More than You Know


When my oldest was just 5 yrs old he was obsessed with Power Rangers. He loved the White Ranger so much he was a Power Ranger for Halloween 2 -3 yrs in a roll. He also had a Pokemon collection that he swore would be worth a ton of money one day. Oh how he [...]

Phenom Coconut Water for Exercise Recovery Review


I’ve been exercising and trying to lose weight on and off for just about 6 months now. We all know its never easy to lose weight and they say the older you get the harder it is. I certainly can testify to that. It was easy to lose weight when I was younger. It maybe [...]

Disney’s Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack #Giveaway

LionKingBlurayComboArt sm

Disney’s The Lion King REIGNS ONCE AGAIN and is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD Combo packs. I’m so excited to see this title available in new format. Our VHS tapes are getting really old and our VHS players are all breaking down. We’ve switched to DVD a long time ago but have yet to purchase [...]

The X Factor U.S Wednesday Night 9/28 Recap

The XFactor USA  is certainly proving to be interesting.  Wednesday night and Thursday night are the final two episodes of  The U.S Xfactor Auditions.  Similar to American Idol with 4 panel of judges and singing competition full of good singers and bad. The one major difference is the contestants sing in front of a  Live [...]

Dream Works Pictures Real Steel Movie Review


Dream Works Pictures Real Steel Movie comes out in theaters October 7, 2011. I was given the opportunity to see an early screening of this film and I took my 22 year old son with me. As we chatted on the drive to the theater he mention that Real Steel wasn’t a film that he [...]

10 Tips for DeCluttering and Organizing Toys in a Playroom #WallTracks

Earlier in the month I painted the boys bedroom.  Adding two boys into one room makes for a little bit more crowded room.  The toys and furniture are doubled. The first step to down sizing and de-cluttering is organizing.  We started off with 6 bins of toys. That’s a lot of toys.  I haven’t been [...]

Betty Crocker Fun da-middles Cupcakes Review and Prize Pack #Giveaway #MyBlogSpark

Betty Crocker FUN da-middles prize pack

Betty Crocker Fun da-middles cupcakes are cupcakes that have the frosting on the inside.  I love  baking with my children and I love the smell of fresh  baked goods.  Lucky for me I have children who absolutely love sweets and a husband that loves to eat them too.   Lately I’ve been baking off on [...]

My Baby is Growing up too Fast


I can’t get over how fast my little is growing. Not so much getting taller or gaining weight but hitting milestones.  He’ll be four in March and this year he’s accomplished so much. He’s learned how to talk so much better. He’s expressing independence and not needing me so much anymore. (I may need counseling- [...]

ABC’s Suburgatory Review and an Invitation for Pre-Screening of Full Episode for You


Premiering Wednesday, September 28 on ABC at 8:30/7:30p CST is an all new comedy series Suburgatory. I remember my Junior year of high school when we moved from inner city Chicago to the Suburbs. I was so upset for months maybe even a whole two years. Hanging out in the city was so different than [...]

Practice Safe Spend Tips with American Express


The importance of teaching your child safe spending habit should start when they are young. My oldest is 22 years old and during his childhood we discussed saving money, the importance of buying things on sale, paying your bills on time and importance of only buying necessity’s.  Many times there were school expenses such as [...]

3 #Giveaways Ending Monday 9/26 Enter Now to #Win

Three exciting Giveaways ending tomorrow night or Tonight depending on when your reading this . If you get your entries in before Noon on Monday 9/26 I will offer you 3 additional entries just for VOTING For me in the Nature made Contest. YOU must leave the # of your vote for me as your [...]

Interview with KERMIT The Frog from The Muppets

kermit-and- miss-piggy

The most sensational entertaining Muppet group the Muppets will be back in Theaters this Thanksgiving, November 23, 2011. A few days ago Misss Piggy shared her thoughts with us on the Muppets Movie and today we have an interview with the one and only Kermit the Frog about his new film. Kermit shares his thoughts [...]

XFactor USA Premiere Day 2 of Auditions Recap

Yesterday’s Xfactor proved to be exciting and certainly had me ready to watch the 2011 season 1 of the XFactor and upcoming talent. I’ve heard a ton of hype about preference over judges Nicole or Chyerl. I have to say I love Nicole. She’s a Pussy cat Doll how could you not. She has soul, [...]

I’m a Nature Made Finalist but I Need Your Help

It’s so exciting to enter contests in hopes of winning an awesome Prize.  In the several years I’ve entered several and won a few. I started blogging to promote company’s great company’s like Nature Made and products that I love and to give the opportunity to win to another because I know the  excitement and [...]

Unplug & Play weekend Starts Today September 23 – 25


Technology has really taken over our lives. We have 5 televisions, one in every room, 3 computers and the kids have a ton of electronic games.  We spend a lot of time in the living room together but usually one or more of us is preoccupied with some electronic device.   This weekend we are taking [...]