Activision Nintendo DS Games For Girls Prize Pack Give away

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Video games have become a part of a lifestyle from children ages 2 on up. The educational value using electronics and playing games is allowing children to develop skill that would normally take much longer but with games and play they are strengthening cognitive skills, developing hand eye coordination and developing a social love for electronics that will help them as they move into the next steps of learning. I see this to be true even in my 3 yr old playing V-Smile motion, Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Ds games. It amazes me how smart and fast he’s building skills with repetition.

A few weeks ago I was invited to Activision games for Girls Summit here in Chicago. It was hosted by MJ from Chicagonista and she truly put on an event that all mothers could attend! Supplying child care with games, toys, food and caregivers, too.

Activision noticed a shortage in games geared toward girls in the market and they wanted to start up a line that would specifically be fun, problem-solving, play patterns, offer brand familiarity along with nurturing & care-giving elements on girl-friendly games.

  • games provide us with the 4 ingredients that make for a happy meaningful life
    • Satisfying work
    • Real hope for success
    • Strong social connections
    • A chance to become a part of something bigger than ourselves
  • Games create a positive mindset and making them more resilient in the face of failure
    • Gamers spend 80% of their time failing
  • We like and trust someone after we’ve played a game with them
  • More likely to help someone in real life after we’ve helped them in an online game
    • 40% of time on Facebook is spent playing social games

NPD Study: 90% of kids ages 2-17 gaming in the US today, astounding…3 billion hours each week are spent gaming globally.

After reading that I know that my children contributed to those numbers. All 4 of my children are into gaming in one way or another and with the wide range of games for fun and entertaining to educational it makes it easy for them to spend hours doing so.

Kids who play games have increased hand eye coordination and are more capable of multi-tasking
Gaming teaches perseverance. 85% of the time when you play you fail. But when you repeat a game and make it further and further to the end or next level this makes people feel productive, helps kids learn to fail & teaches reasoning.

With the way that gaming has become multi-player and it has helped to forms social bonds as well.

One of the most impressive things for me was when they stated that Girls who play games with their moms form a closer bond and relationships. Although I never thought about it before the times when my daughter and I are actually getting along is when we play games together. She’s at that age right now where everything I say to her goes in one ear and out the other and just asking her to clean off the table I get the face and rolling of the eyes. You know the look. But when were playing games together seems like everything is right with the world.

Activision has produced some really fun game inspired by real toys on the market today. Girls can play with and collect and trade then finish the fun in the virtual world of playing video games.

Wappy Dog: This adorable Dog has children smiling at the site of him. He comes with Wappy Dog Nintendo ds game for virtual play. Train and care for your Wappy Dog to determine pet’s constantly evolving personality, skills, and happiness, as well as use the game system to communicate with Wappy dog. No need to worry about pet allergies with this Pet he’s free from allergens.  He lights up and and even moves but does not walk across the room. He’s great for close up interaction and kids will love him.  Care for Wappy in the virtual world, including playing with toys and mini-games, grooming, customizing the dog’s appearance and environment, and even feeding him,too.

  • The only one of its kind that combines strong emotional attachment and deep simulation with the real world interaction of a physical companion.
  • Wappy Dog can sing several different songs but can be trained to learn up to 16 tunes as play continues.
  • More than 18 conversational prompts are answered with more than 350 evolving responses, with a “barked” response translated by the Nintendo DS software.
  • The dog will cheer or cry when playing games and express his or her mood through sound or movement based on what players are doing on their game system.
  • In-pack sticker sheets allow players to customize their their Wappy Dog, while accessory and color options are offered for the virtual version

Available as Bundle Pack (dog and game) on for $49.99 at Walmart Rated E for Everyone
Activision and Saga toys

Squinkies 2 Adventures at the Mall comes with a surprise inside: Squinkies are back with a whole new adventure. Go shopping. Visit the food court and ride the rides. Squishy, squashy fun. Spring between platforms and catch your friends! Game is packed with over 600 lovable cute and squishy squinkies. Over 50 playable one’s. Along the way, you get to collect magic coins which, when deposited in the Gumball Playhouse, unlock secret playable characters. Four distinct play areas, each with four stages of thematic backgrounds keeps the game feeling consistently fresh and distinct. Hang out at the Aquarium, Food Court, Wedding Castle and Amusement Park for even more adventurous fun.
Rated E for Everyone

Walmart priced: $19.96

Squinkies Surprise inside Soft and squishy surprise inside tiny little bubble balls. Now offering tiny little vehicles to cruise Squinkies around the town. Girls love to collect and trade these even at school. These seem to be all the craze among girls ages 5-10 Not for children under 3.

Walmart priced: $19.96

Lalaloopsy Nintendo Ds bonus mini Lalaloopsy included:  The loveable Lalaloopsy button eyed dolls are now available in virtual play brought to life on Nintendo DS.  Start by selecting your very own playable Lalaloopsy friend. Reunite all the familiar Lalaloopsy dolls with their lost pets to build incredible friendships and unlock exciting crafting activities. Special surprises and cool collectibles make it a unique and exciting experience. There is so much to do and so much fun to be had, it’s time to get sewing!

• Play with Your Favorite Lalaloopsy Dolls: All 12 dolls are available to play with including:
Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Blossom Flowerpot, Bea Spells a Lot and many more!
• Colorful and Whimsical World: The handcrafted feel and bright palette is preserved in the
game. Every doll’s environment and items will feel familiar to all Lalaloopsy fans.
• Build Lasting Friendships: Help the dolls find and care for their pets to unlock their specific
craft mini-game; giving the finished crafts as gifts unlocks even more accessories!
• Create Cute Crafts!: Twelve doll specific craft activities are made uniquely personal with
various customizations and themes.
• Rewards A’Plenty: Frequent rewards, accompanied by distinctive animations, sounds and
content, coupled with delightful hidden collectibles, make the game engaging and exciting.
• Added Bonus: Included with each game purchase is a limited release Mini Lalaloopsy™ doll.

Walmart priced at $19.99

Zhu Zhu Babies: ZhuZhu Babies adventure is about to begin. Play with 11 different zhuzhu babies by caring and nurturing your babies and travel across 35 levels. The ZhuZhu™ crew is at it again! This time, Razzmataz has wandered off during a safari trip in South Africa and the friends back home need your help to find him! You’ll travel around the world and visit exotic cites with the ZhuZhu Babies to help find Razz and bring him home safe and sound.

• 11 Babies to Play With: Familiar and new characters, each with their own adorable
personalities, include Razzmataz, Luana, Izzy, Sox, Legend, Bandit, Riley and more!
• So Many Levels to Explore: 35+ levels of twists, turns, and big surprises! With 10
little babes a little creativity is needed to find the best hiding spots as they make their
way through airports, bus stations and popular tourist destinations.
• Race through Cites All Over the World: Starting at home in St.Louis, the exciting
adventure will take you to cities like Chicago, New York, London, Rome, Cairo and

Zhu Zhu Babies with accessories: These adorable zhu zhu babies for ages 4 and up includes 1 baby, 1 blanket and 3 accessories. Like any good mommy you can cradle swaddle and shower your zhuzhu babies with tons of hugs and kisses. These little little hamster tots need lots of love and affection. You can collect a hamster family with a line of zhu zhu babies sold separately

Tiny tot baby gym, patty cake preschool, new born nursery and even Zhu Zhu babies with outfits and nap time stroller assortments too.

Mooshling Monsters Mooshling zoo: The world’s fastest growing online game for children presents Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo on Nintendo DS. Boasting over 50 million players across over 150
countries worldwide Moshi Monsters is one of the largest and most loved online games for children.

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo is set to become one of the most sought after presents for children this Christmas!

• Find ‘Em, Keep ‘Em: Explore the Wooly Wilderness in search for ULTRA RARE Moshlings to add to your Moshling zoo!
• Play Cool Mini-Games: Play exclusive Moshi mini-games to help boost your Moshling’s level, mood, health and happiness.
• Explore the World: Explore all new areas of Monstro City including Buster’s Baby Care, the Glormatorium and Raghly’s Star arcade.
• Unlock Moshi Rewards: Unlock ULTRA RARE Moshi Monsters rewards including achievements, trophies and super secret items to be unlocked within

Ages: 6 yrs old and up

Price: $33.54 on

This game is fun for both boys and girls.  My son just turned 6 yr old had a bit of travel navigating but after help from his older sister he caught on nicely. He enjoys the monsters and the virtual play. My daughter is 11 and felt that it wasn’t challenging enough for her. She became bored easily.  Monsters aren’t really her thing and so my son was quick to claim this for his own.


~ *~ * ~ * ~ ~ *GIVEAWAY ~ *~ * ~ * ~ ~ *

Win it:  1 Reader of the Night owl mama will win Activision Nintendo Ds Games (Lalaloopsy and ZhuZhu Babies along with Mini Toy Packs for each) Prize Pack featured below.

Please read the rules before entering. Open only to the U.S Do the required entry to unlock more entry options

a Rafflecopter giveaway

disclaimer: I was provided with samples for promotion. We have played the Mooshling Monsters game which my son and daughter both enjoyed but our Nintendo ds broke shortly after. It will not take a charge due to the plug in area damaged.

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