Family Fun: Super Cool Cuffs for Kids

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Turn off the television and put down those electronics it’s time for some Family fun. I did a fun craft project with the kids today that I found in the Disney Family Fun Magazine. The magazine supplied the directions and the cool paper and the rest of the materials we had laying around the house. It was fun to recycle items that we would of thrown out or recycled them by throwing them in the recycle bin.

SUPER COOL CUFFS (Bracelets) For Kids

Materials Needed:

    1. Scissors
    2. Jungle-print or patterned paper (from pages 11 & 12 of the Magazine)
    3. Paper Towel Tube (we used a toilet paper tube but it wasn’t as sturdy)
    4. Stapler
    5. Black Elastic (we clipped a black rubber band)
    6. Tacky Glue (we used Elmer’s Maximum Strength Glue)


1. Cut the strips of paper from page 11 and 12 or as wide and long as you’ll need it for the child’s wrist.
2. Cut a 2 inch piece from the tube.
3. Snip open the cuff
4. Staple a piece of black elastic (or clipped black rubber band) to the tube. (Be sure to staple the points face out)
5. Glue the Paper to the cuff. Trim it if needed.

Here’s how the kids Cuff’s turned out. I imagine if you cut the paper a little thinner and use the rubber band you might even be able to wrap these around a pony tail. That would look really cool!

There are a lot of great projects in the Family Fun Magazine I picked up at Walmart. The Magazine is $4.99 but with all the craft projects  inside you’ll see that the book is actually recycled by using the cut outs and doing the crafts. Here’s the shop I did in Google + Story. It’s complete with photos of city drive and stops I made along the way and my search and hunt for the Magazine Isle which is so cleverly hidden at Walmart in the back of the store near the sporting goods department. (Yeah cause that makes sense.)  they had a ton of Magazines to choose from crammed in this tiny section so it really took good hunt to find the Magazine. Check it out.

Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.   All opinions are 100% my own

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25 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Those do look like the slap bracelets. Too cute!

  2. We used to have slap bracelets as a kid, but these look much cooler.

  3. Very fun! I’m sure my kids would love this.

  4. Kim Kelly says:

    I love that it’s not just a craft but recycling or repurposing..

  5. Melissa Au says:

    My kids would love these!

  6. nicole @WriteSpell says:

    That’s a great craft! Totally pinning this!

  7. Love these. Now I’m thinking of how ou could embellish them for ME.

  8. Tammy says:

    My daughter would love to do this.

  9. Anne - Mommy Has to Work says:

    Those are cute!

  10. My daughter would go gaga over those. She loves stuff like that.

  11. Jennifer says:

    So cute! my daughter would love them

  12. I like those! Family Fun is the best!

  13. Marcie W. says:

    Those are so awesome that I would even rock them myself!!

  14. Louise says:

    slap bands

  15. Those cuffs are super cool!

  16. Love those! Family Fun has some really great projects!

  17. How fun and totally cute!

  18. Stephen N. says:

    These remind me of those slap bracelets from the early 90s.