Watching your Weight? Grab a Spoonful of Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt #grabaspoon #SPON

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Warmer weather has finally arrived but I’m not fitting in last years summer clothes and as for putting on a swim suit.. no way. I  want to look and feel my best, especially during these hot summer months. However, exercising, and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle isn’t going to come easy.  I’ve managed to be able to fit in a walk after dinner and  walking the kids to the park during the day, but it’s a lot harder to change those unhealthy eating habits I adopted all winter. But it will be easier to change them one meal at a time, right? With the right tools it can be as easy as picking up a spoon! This spring, Keri Glassman and Dannon Oikos are encouraging a great program called ‘Grab a Spoon ‘til June’ with rich and creamy 0% fat Dannon Oikos® Greek nonfat yogurt to help people like us stay on track towards our goals while at the same time adding a bit of flavor and fun to a normal routine!

Here are few tips that I really liked from Keri to help get us started.

  1.  Every Meal Is A “Monday Morning”. Focus on eating better, one meal at a time. Otherwise it can be easy to get discouraged – forget the worry! Your only mission: Make the next meal you eat nutritious, balanced and satisfying.
  2.  Don’t Eat Around A Craving. Honor your craving with a conscious indulgence – take a few deep breaths and find a healthy alternative! Try satisfying your sweet tooth with Dannon Oikos® Greek nonfat yogurt, it is nutritious but still has an incredible taste.
  3. No-Excuses Exercise. Sometimes the biggest barrier to working out is just getting there so a good option can be to make it as easy as possible—throw in a workout DVD or even going for a walk takes away excuses and gets you moving!
  4. Satisfying Proteins. A moderate-protein balanced diet with a reasonable amount of fiber, carbohydrates and the appropriate amount of healthy fats is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. Dairy is a great source of protein, try a creamy Greek nonfat yogurt like Dannon Oikos®–it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt2.
  5. Involve family and Friends in healthy eating to stay motivated.

Dannon Oikos® is a creamy-thick nonfat yogurt, made through a traditional Greek straining process which makes it an excellent source of protein. Each cup of Dannon Oikos® contains twice the amount of protein of regular lowfat yogurt and 0% fat (with the exception of Dannon Traditional varieties).

In a national taste test, Dannon Oikos® 0% fat berry flavors were preferred 2 to 1 over Chobani’s strawberry and blueberry flavors. [1]

[1] * Dannon Oikos Blueberry and Strawberry nonfat yogurts were preferred on taste to Chobani’s Blueberry and Strawberry nonfat yogurts in a national-paired taste test.
2 Oikos Greek Nonfat yogurt: 12 -14g Protein (24%DV), Regular lowfat yogurt: 5g protein (10%DV) per 5.3oz.

There was a time where I never ate yogurt but I’m finding more and more often that it’s becoming my favorite “go to” snack. I love dipping my apples in yogurt, and adding it to smoothies with fresh fruit in the morning. It’s a great grab and go snack when you don’t have time to cook your self something to eat. Best of all on a hot day it can taste so refreshing. Visit Dannon Oikos on Facebook for more healthy eating tips and be sure to grab the great coupon for your next purchase of Dannon Oikos Yogurt.

For more great tips, advice, fun and tasty recipes visit  – and when it’s snack time, don’t forget to Grab a Spoon! I haven’t tried Oikos Yogurt yet but I’m excited to replace a few of my unhealthy snacks with some exciting flavors.

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Win It: One reader of the Night Owl Mama will win a signed copy of Keri Glassman’s new book Slim, Calm, Sexy Diet

REQUIRED ENTRY:  Comment below answering this question. How do you shake up your diet routine for summer?

disclosure: I have partnered with Dannon to help promote the Dannon Oikos Greek Grab a Spoon campaign. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Rules: Giveaway is open to U.S Resident 18 or older. Giveaway ends June 15, 2012 11:59 pm. CST.

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38 Responses

  1. Shannon Baas says:

    We eat a lot more fresh veggies.

  2. Lolo says:

    I am going to have to try this greek yogurt!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I take advantage of all the seasonal fresh fruit!

  4. Stefani says:

    I love greek yogurt, but haven’t tried the nonfat yet.

  5. Colleen says:

    Nice cold fruit smoothie in the morning

  6. HilLesha says:

    I love greek yogurt!

  7. Diana says:

    I’d like to try the Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. I hear it’s one of the best yogurt on the market.

  8. Donna says:

    eating more fresh veggies out of my f-i-l’s garden. 🙂 And more fruits, like strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Love Greek yogurt, too!

  9. Billie says:

    Great tips, I love yogurt.

  10. Stefanie says:

    I tried this yogurt and it was really good!

  11. debra p says:

    I love fresh fruits and home grown veggies.

  12. NW Homesteader says:

    I try to eat in season…and can’t wait for my own garden to be producing!

  13. I have Greek yogurt in my fridge at all times. LOL.

  14. Meg Tucker says:

    You Go Girl!!! One of the perks of living in the part of Los Angeles that I do is being able to walk out my door at anytime and have front row access to the all the street vendors. It’s amazing and there’s nothing better than the fresh cut fruits and grilled corn!!!

  15. courtney b says:

    when i was trying to lose my baby weight, i ate all greek food- i lost 60 pounds!

  16. Wendy T says:

    I love going to the Farmer’s Market. Everything tastes so much better from there.

  17. I love the name of this book, awesome, looks great!

  18. petra says:

    I enjoy all the fresh produce in season. Great for salads, salsas, and smoothies.

  19. amy v says:

    i add more fiber by going to local farmers markets and buying in season fruits and veggies!

  20. Mandi M says:

    i add seasonal fruits to my diet in the summer. it’s a fun change!