Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Celebrating 20 yr Anniversary Review & Giveaway

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Step into the Era of epic battle jousting tournaments and Knights on horseback. Watch as Knights battle with swards and battle axe and the deadly bola to the death (not really) in front of a live audience. You’ll hear a tale of Knights and Kings and his daughter the princess as she wishes to marry a Knight with honor. While you watch Knights battle you’ll enjoy a feast fit for a King and Queen. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament located in Schaumburg, IL is celebrating their 20th anniversary for the past year as one of the most popular live entertainment venues in the Midwest. Now they have a new show, which debuted in March, and this summer the Chicago Castle (as it’s often referred to) is offering Princess & Knight Training for children ages 5-12, on weekends before the matinee performance now through September 30th. The training is free with paid admission and takes place an hour before show time.

While we’ve never attended the Schaumburg performance we have been to a performance in Las Vegas, NV many years ago. It was a memorable and spectacular show just as the performance was here in Chicago.  I’ve always enjoyed the genre of themed shows and couldn’t wait to attend. Sadly due to misplacing my tickets we unfortunately didn’t make the princess and Knight training so I don’t have that to share with you but what I do have is some fabulous memories of the show we seen. I took my eleven yr old daughter and 4 yr old son to the show.

We were lucky enough to be seated in the front row almost level with the area floor performance and had a fabulous view of just about everything. The outside of the building looks just like a castle and you can’t miss it traveling down the expressway. As we entered into the Castle everything was decorated so beautiful with gorgeous tapestry and age of old knight memorabilia.  There was a bar as well as souvenir store located as we walked through to the arena.  We were greeted with smiles by a polite staff and showed to our seats.

This video will give you an idea of what Medieval Times shows are all about


As soon as we were seated were greeted by wait staff and served drinks as well as a meal during the show. The meal had some pleasant changes since the last time I attended a event.

The meal consisted of

  • Tasty Dragon blood soup (tasty hot tomato soup) served with a side of Garlic bread
  • Half Oven Roasted Chicken
  • BBQ Spare Rib
  • Herb-basted Dragon toes ( tasty potato wedges)
  • The best flaky crust Apple struggle that will melt in your mouth

While I enjoyed most of the meal and it was very delicious my children couldn’t get over the fact that a half of chicken sat on their plates.  Usually I break the chicken meals apart before they get to their plates so they don’t get the visual but to tell you the truth the meal caught me by surprise because I was so engaged in watching the performance.  I honestly think if chicken nuggets were an option my children would of been happier, although my daughter did like the spare rib, garlic bread and pastry which was a great surprise. (she’s a very picky eater)

Overall the show was a spectacular performance. We liked the tricks the horses did, the Knight competitions were very entertaining and of course the battles were spectacular. We love cheering on as the Green knight battled and did well in his tasks.

There must of been an issue with the sound on the main level arena performers mainly the bad guy wasn’t clear enough. I honestly couldn’t hear it clearly from where I was sitting although I could hear the King and the princess very clearly. Not sure if the issue was that it wasn’t loud enough or it was just muffled a bit but I tried to listen closely so I didn’t miss what was going on.

As an extra added bonus for cheering loud the knights handed out carnations to the audiences maidens. My daughter was a lucky recipient. You should of seen her blush with excitement I was so happy for her.  There was and extra special surprise for 1 young lady who received a princess crown from the princess and the green knight. That was really nice to see how excited she was.

Another feature of the show was the royal falconer. The tournament includes a special performance from the royal falcon soaring over the heads of the guests in attendance. It was certainly a site to see.

After the show was over both of my children couldn’t wait to get home and tell dad and their brothers what they missed. We also had our photo taken before going into the show event and was handed copies of our photo along with Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament commemorative program guides that shared a lot of information about the shows and it’s participants.

I would recommend everyone getting out to attend a Medieval Times Dinner. Taking an upgraded package to heighten your experience is certainly worth the extra money.

disclosure: We were provided with dinner and show tickets to attend this fabulous event and treated like royalty from start to finish. Thoughts on the show are 100% my own

~ * ~ GIVEAWAY ~ * ~

WIN IT: One Reader of the Night owl mama will win 4 tickets to attend a performance at the Chicago castle in Schaumburg, IL.(only); tickets must be used within used 60 days from the time the winner is announced (advance reservation is required. REP will contact the winner to make the arrangements). $240 value.

To enter this promotion please log into the Rafflecopter below with your facebook i.D (to keep track of your entries or your email address so I can contact you if you win.

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68 Responses

  1. Trung Nguyen says:

    I most look forward to the Knight competitions

  2. Trung Nguyen says:

    I’d love to take my family to this show

  3. Jenny Sims says:

    I’ve never been to Medieval Times, but we always say we’re going to go one of these days when we’re at the Schaumburg IKEA.

  4. karen says:

    I would love to win these tickets because our family has never gone to this show!!! We only live about an hour away and have talked about taking the kids since they got old enough – it would be awesome to win this prize!

  5. amy v says:

    my fave part would probably be the horses and people jousting

  6. amy v says:

    i want to win so i can take my family- we’ve never been there before!

  7. Lindsey Roberts says:

    When is was like 7 or 8 years old, I went to a Medival Times and thought that it was the most spectacular sight I’ve ever seen! I have always wanted to go back now that I’m older to see how it all looks to me now!! Thanks for such a great giveaway !

  8. Arwen Peszynski says:

    I absolutely love Medieval Times and have been dying to take my 4 year old nieces. They love horses!

  9. Stephanie K says:

    Would love to take my 7 year old and 12 year old! They would have a blast!

  10. cheryl says:

    my favorite part would be watching the stunts on the horses
    msboatgal at

  11. cheryl says:

    we haven’t been in several years and live only 15 minutes from Schaumburg. Would love to see the show again.
    msboatgal at

  12. Lisa says:

    My kids would love to go back! We went last year.

  13. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy says:

    is that soup enough reason to want to go back? 🙂 we haven’t seen the new show yet since they redid it

  14. Donna says:

    I’m looking forward to dressing up my daughter as a princess and my son as a knight!

  15. Donna says:

    I would love to win this as my son is just getting into King Arthur and the Roundtable and horses!

  16. Jaime Nicole says:

    I’m traveling to Chicago soon and this would make a great outing!

  17. katie klein says:

    The jousting and the excitement of rooting for your knight.

  18. katie klein says:

    I would love to win because I absolutely love Medieval Tomes but have never had the opportunity to take my boys. This would be an awesome time and the family would be thrilled.

  19. Sarah Parisi says:

    I’m looking forward to the food! Sounds yummy 🙂

  20. Sarah Parisi says:

    My son has been asking to go to Medieval Times FOREVER! It’s even on his list of things he wants to do this summer & it’s one of the only things not crossed off yet!