Discovery Girls: 4 Middle School Survival Guide Books Review and Giveway

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Changing school is tough enough without having to start all over again making new friends. My daughter just entered the 6th grade and not only does she start a new school but the school has 5 schools merged into one. She’s not very outgoing and most of the students have already put together little group clicks. She makes true friends, friends that last forever but it’s still a tough situation having to deal with a whole new set of rules, girls, boys and attitudes in middle school.

Discovery Girls Middle School Survival Guides deliver the best strategies so girls can successfully deal with friendship troubles, embarrassing moments, life’s toughest problems, body issues, school pressures and much, much more. All of the books reinforce the power of girls to overcome disappointment, develop positive images about themselves, seek the right kind of help, talk to their parents and learn how to grow from failures.

These book are created for girls in middle school which is 11, 12 and 13 yr old girls. The books say they are created for ages 8 and up. I personally feel the information is a bit more advanced for so young an age but you be the best judgement for your child’s maturity level. 3

The Four Book Set includes:
1. My Worst Day …and How I survived It- Inspiring Stories from girls who have overcome tough times
2. Friendship Hardship- Mean girls, jealousy, stuck in the middle….here’s help! Topics from dealing with mean girls, the price of popularity, and giving reason’s why you should let a friendship go, and finding Bff’s and where to look, as well as how to be a good friend.

3. Ask Ali. All the Advice you’ll ever need- School, boys, friends, family and more… your toughest questions answered!
4. Sticky Situations… and how to get through them-

Books are retail prices at $9.95 each.

Out of all four of these books my daughter says she really likes the “Ask Ali” book the most. It has real life questions from girls and situations they are facing!!  Each section is labeled clearly with a topic and girls can search among the topic that interest them. My daughter read the book from cover to end. There’s even a section of the toughest Top “3” your parents divorce, having someone you love die, and keeping a really big secret. All are topics that girls feel uncomfortable with and in many cases don’t have some to relate to or discuss the situation with.

These books are the 2nd edition of the popular book series from Discovery Girls. They make great back-to-school guides for young preteen and teen girls especially if they love to read. Many topics teens are faced with such as friendships, popularity, weight issues, school, and personal topics are discussed in these issues. I’ve personally read through the books and think they offer honest and straight forward answer and even ways to talk to your parents about the topics, which I like.  This can be one of the most difficult times in a girls life and having resourceful books like the Discovery Girls Handbooks can make things just a little bit easier.

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Win It: One Reader of the Night Owl mama will win a set of 4 Girls Handbooks books from Discovery Girls.

To enter simply log into the rafflecopter below with your Facebook i.d (to keep track of your entries) or use your email address (no worries its not visible to others) so I can contact you if you win.

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disclosure: We received four books for review and compensation in sharing our honest thoughts on content and promotion.

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40 Responses

  1. Carolyn Ryan says:

    Friendship, hardship

  2. Ericka says:

    My daughter would like to read the Friendship Hardship

  3. rebecca day says:

    They sound great! My DD just started middle school.

  4. vera says:

    Sticky Situations!

  5. katfam says:

    I’d say Friendship Hardship. I’m seeing signs of the mean girl behaviors with some of their friends. It is very sad.

  6. Alicia Ponce says:

    She would probably like Friendship Hardship.

  7. Michele P. says:

    most likely sticky situations, she starts middle school next year and loves to read, so this would be a great help for her to adjust…

  8. polly says:

    friendship hardship for sure!

  9. Tabathia B says:

    the friendship hardship book

  10. elizabeth p says:

    I think my daughter would love all of them but the My Worst Day would help her see it can be survived.

  11. Karen says:

    I would love to have these for my class library and think “My Worst Day” would be a great one.

  12. melina r says:

    sticky situations

  13. Tiffany Christie says:

    I’d like her to read the sticky situations book.

  14. laura ari says:

    The sticky situations book!

  15. Paige says:

    I think my daughter would find the “My Worst Day…” book most helpful. It helps her deal with things if she feels like she’s not alone in her experiences.

  16. Marci says:

    My daughter subscribes to the Discovery Girls Magazine and really likes it. She would probably like Friendship Hardship the best.

  17. Jessica Stratton says:

    I think she would like all of them. We just moved to a new school district and her first day of 6th grade is next week! She is a great kid and has always had great friends. I just hope that continues at this new school. It’s a big step to go from Elementry school to middle school. I would love for her to have these books to help with any questions. At this age she thinks I don’t know anything at all. Maybe ask Ali would be her favorite!

  18. Anne Loyd says:

    Sticky Situations!

  19. They sound great! My DD just started middle school.

  20. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    Probably Sticky Situations…