MicroCharger Look Track with Electronic Quick Charge Car Review and Giveaway

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My boys love playing with cars and they really love racing but one things about cars and race tracks is we have a ton of them. Now someone was really smart when they designed the Microcharger Track Sets by Moose Toys because these little tracks fit together and even have three more track set that can be pieced together to create a larger and much bigger track. Although longer they are still smaller than a regular track. The microcharger cars are tiny but they really get up to speed.


MOOSE/Ages 6 years & up/$19.99 MSRP/Available: Now
Ready, set, race with the Micro Chargers™ Loop Track! Micro Chargers perform gravity-defying stunts on this track set, which includes one loop stunt race track, stat card, handheld charger and one exclusive quick charge Stunt Car. Kids can challenge their friends to see whose Stunt Car is the fastest as their Micro Chargers race the stretch, tackle the loop and then slingshot back to take on the loop again. For even more action, kids can connect the Loop Stunt Track with the Jump Track and Time Track to configure their own layouts and build the ultimate race track! Requires two AAA batteries (not included). Available at Toys“R”Us and other select toy retailers nationwide.

These cars are fast but don’t let the photo fool you. It’s tiny track but put together with the 3 other tracks available this track really has some wild fast racing action and packed with fun.


Get in gear with Micro Chargers™, the electrifyingly fast and exciting new line of miniature race cars from Moose Toys. Using quick charge technology, these micro-sized cars take eight seconds to charge and race at scale speeds of up to 600 miles per hour. The line also features three new track sets that kids can configure themselves for gravity defying stunts and ultimate speed racing against their opponents. With 34 miniature vehicles in all for kids to collect and trade, Micro Chargers are sure to lead the way onto children’s wish lists this holiday season. For more information, please visit www.mooseworld.com.au.


(MOOSE/Ages 6 years & up/$12.99 MSRP/Available: Now)

Start your engines with the Micro Chargers™ Launcher Pack! Charging in under eight seconds for more than 30 seconds of race time, these super speedy miniature racers make for the ultimate race against friends. Complete with one quick charge micro car, handheld charger and stat card, the Launcher Pack makes it easy for kids to jumpstart their Micro Chargers collections. With nine cars to collect, each pack includes one Race Car (blue) or Stunt Car (red). Launcher requires two AAA batteries (not included).

Available at Toys“R”Us, Target, Walmart and other select toy retailers nationwide.

OUR Thoughts: Micro chargers are super awesome. My six year old couldn’t wait to get his hands on this track and put it together. He played for about 3 hours the first time we put the track together. The little tiny cars go into a hand held launcher that when you hold the button down it chargers up the car with speed and the wheels are spinning at what can only be described as warp speed. You then set the launcher on the edge of the track and hit the release button. It speeds through the loop and slingshots back. Then you catch the car and do it over again. I really wish there was a loop on both ends because then it would just keep going until the speed runs out but you can easily solve that by putting together more tracks for more fast racing action and longer play times.

Photo is a snip off a bad video clip that was sadly pixelated. Ps. the rack is set up incorrectly and we didn’t realize that until later. Set up this way the car just keep looping around the circle.


  • Track is over 5 ft long
  • Car races at speeds of up to 600+mph scale speed
  • awesomely cool sling shot return on one side.
  • 2 types of cars for these track: red chasis for stunts and a blue chasis for racing.
  • recommended for children 6+ (although my 4 yr old loved it, too)
  • Track pieces do need to be put together but it is easily done
  • Not recommended for children under 3 yrs old

I had a really cool video to share and sadly the sd card that I recorded it on for some reason recorded everything at a really small setting and they look awful. I would of recorded another but my son hid the quick charger and launcher which held the car before he went to school and can’t remember where. (KIDS!) As you can imagine I’m not to happy with that but if it shows up before this giveaway is over I’ll certainly post a video of high def quality to share how really cool this track is.  I love the concept of these tiny tracks and tiny cars racing but they pretty tiny so be aware that because they are tiny they are not recommended for children under 3 yrs old so you’ll want to make sure if you have younger children in the house that you keep these parts up.

Down side to using a separate launcher for play would be if you hid it on your little brother your not going to be able to play again until you find it or you buy another launcher and car or purchase any of the three new track sets/ By adding the other track sets kids will be able to configure their very own race tracks for gravity defying stunts and the ultimate racing experience against their opponents.

Certainly going to be added to the 2012 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR BOYS!

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Win It: One Reader of the Night owl mama will win a awesome cool Microchargers electronic quick charge card track of their very own.

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disclosure: I received a product to facilitate this review. Thoughts are 100% my own and information on product was provided by pr rep to share along with prize for my reader which will be mailed directly to the winner.

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