Crayola Digital Light Designer & Crayola Marker Airbrush Sprayer Review & #Giveaway

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Crayola has been a staple in our home since I was a kid. I remember sitting for hours coloring and drawing with Crayola crayons and markers. Crayola products sure have come a long way since then. They have taken the era of fun and imagination and moved it to a whole new level. Digital! The Crayola Digital Light Designer spinning light canvas puts a fun new spin on animation, drawing and play with interactive games and designs you create.

2 Animation modes

5 Different Effects to apply to your drawings

8 Games and Activity Apps

Play Games & Activities:

  • Funny faces – Draw and animate your own characters
  • Rainbow Draw- Draw with random color changing effects
  • Maze race- Race around the dome to the finish
  • Mirror Draw- Create multiple images at the same time
  • Movie Maker- draw and animate a 6 frame movie
  • Color Explosion Reveal a hidden image
  • Pen Racer- Use the stylus to race your car around the dome
  • Light Show- Watch as your drawing morphs into an ever changing light show
  • Rise and Fall- Doodle fast before your drawing disappears as long as you’re drawing your image stays together. Stop drawing and your image begins to break apart. Tap the doc to end drawing and return to main menu.

Get Started with Free draw. Shape and fill & uncolor. Save your designs by taping the disk gallery icon Holds up to 50 designs. To clear a design when you finish drawing tap the doc menu then tap clear drawing icon to start a new drawing.

Two ways to Draw:

  1. Press the tip of the stylus firmly against the dome surface
  2. Press the yellow button on the stylus and point the tip up to 1″ from the dome surface

Drawing on the surface: You don’t have to turn the dome to draw on the other side- just click and drag. Press & hold the Stylus on the Dock for a few seconds. While the Stylus is still touching the dome, move the stylus left of right along the surface to move the screen image.

Contents: Crayola Digital Designer & Stylus

Requires: 4 D Batteries and 2 AAA (for the stylus)

For videos, demos and more go to

Our Thoughts: From the moment I saw the Crayola digital light designer I knew it was perfect for my 12 yr old daughter. She loves art and she loves electronics. Perfect match for her. We love that the directions are very detailed not only in photos but also offers tips and instructions on which app provides what action. I’ve read several reviews on the crayola digital light designer that weren’t so good but our experience has been great. I have to say there is a learning curve with the crayola digital designer and there is a few hours of learning how to operate the designer before you will be skilled in using the creative apps like making movies, etc. Learning to became skilled at creating art designs would take some time but even my 4 yr old and 7 yr old boys had fun drawing on the crayola digital art dome.

Once the boys were done my daughter finally had an opportunity to sit down and read through the instructions and get her turn on the Crayola drawing dome. She created fun drawings on the dome and even started the sequence to a movie. She said she was stuck at one point and needed to look through the directions to continue. She really likes drawing no the dome and thinks its really cool. She can’t wait to show her friends.

We have only 1 complaint about the Crayola Digital light designer is that the motor runs a bit loud. I’m not sure why this is but I do hope that it can be corrected in a new model.

The Crayola Digital light designer is a lot of fun and can create hours of creativity drawing for kids. I also don’t recall the last time I had to purchase D battery’s. I’d love to have a smaller battery option on this or plug in option or rechargeable battery option. I think that would be those perfect upgrades.

Crayola Digital Light Designer Available on $53.80 $44.97

Crayola Spray Marker Review

The Crayola Spray Marker gives children an opportunity to display their creativity on paper and on t-shirt or any canvas. Turn virtually any Crayola marker into spray-on color for the airbrush. Simply attach the marker, pump up the airbrush to activate and spray out a fine mist of color. Airbrush works great on both fabric and paper.


  • Airbrush sprayer
  • 20 blank paper sheets
  • 8 washable markers
  • 4 fabric markers
  • 4 stencil sheets

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
No Batteries Required: All kid powered!
Available on $39.99
Available on $19.97

Our Thoughts: My 7 yr old was so antsy to give this a try. I ran to the store to pick up a set of 3 white t-shirts so that he can make Tshirts designs. The perfect way to display his marker spray art.

Getting Started:
We first put down a large plastic table cloth. We laid out all of the supplies in order to get started.

The sprayer was really easy to operate. Simply push up and down the handle, click in a marker and pull the spray trigger. My 7 yr old was the first to get started with his project. He chose the Shark stencil to get started.

The very first design should be done on paper to get the hang of how to the sprayer operates. We found that short bursts was the best at times. We also found that on occasion a marker would bubble up and drip ink onto our design which didn’t make for a very good outcome. When the sprayer does this you need to adjust the marker depth, basically pulling the marker out a bit and testing it again. Can be used with other stencils as you can see in the Train stencil I used to make my 4 yr old t-shirt below.

Here are our creations.

Overall we just love the Crayola Marker Air Brush Sprayer and we’ve even given it as a gift to cousins because we loved it so much.

disclosure: products have been provided for the purpose of this review to share our honest thoughts and opinions. No other compensation was given. Information and additional gift pack have all been provided by Crayola

~ * ~ GIVEAWAY ~ * ~

Win It: One U.S reader of the Night Owl mama will win a Crayola creativity prize pack provided by Crayola and consisting of the following:

1 Crayola Airbrush sprayer and 1 Crayola Digital Light Designer

How To Enter: Log into the Rafflecopter below using your email or Facebook Acct I.D. Follow each prompt to increase ur chances of winning.

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  1. Jennifer Clay says:

    I like the air brush sprayer

  2. D SCHMIDT says:

    My kids would be most excited to try the Crayola Digital Light Designer

  3. Joy says:

    light designer

  4. carol roberts says:

    the air brush be fun to make something with my son

  5. Debbie ritenour says:

    Crayola Marker Sprayer because my daughter loves making and drawling and crafting things! So this is perfect for her 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    I’m most excited about the light designer because my daughter loves to draw and color.

  7. Michelle C says:

    I loke the Crayola Marker Air Brush Sprayer because it looks like something my kids would enjoy. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  8. Jennifer Young says:

    The digital light designer because it looks like something my daughter would LOVE!

  9. The digital light designer looks cool.

  10. judy gardner says:

    the digital light designer

  11. Kelly D says:

    I am most excited for the light designer because my kids don’t have any toys like it, and it looks like a nice way to be creative.

  12. Claire says:

    we’d love the Crayola Digital Light Designer.

  13. debbie jackson says:

    the airbrush because I think it would be great for craft projects debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  14. Kambrea says:

    My kids would really like the Light Designer.

  15. michelle r says:

    The airbrush sprayer, my sister and I had a toy like this when we were little but it didn’t work on clothes, this looks fun… for the kids of course 😉

  16. Ashley Hatten says:

    I like the air brush looks fun to make crafts with

  17. The Light Designer looks like a LOT of fun!

  18. Leanne M says:

    I think my daughter would love the Crayola Digital Light Designer. it looks like fun

  19. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the air brush sprayer. I think my grandson would have fun making some of his own t-shirts to wear.