Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa #Giveaway Prize Pack

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My kids love watching videos on youtube. It’s something that all three of them can do together and have fun. Mostly the videos that they watch are music videos and cartoons. Sometimes they come across some really popular videos that have over 2 billion hits on them. We end up watching those over and over again. One of their most favorite videos is “I’m a Gummy Bear”. My kids laugh hysterically over Gummibar. One day I come over to see what was so funny. It’s a green bear in yellow underwear and occasionally he turns around and moves his butt with his crack showing. Yes, that’s the part my kids think is completely hysterical. I always wondered why there wasn’t a television series of this funny little green bear but when I saw he came out with a Christmas cartoon I knew my kids would love it and we just had to have it. Gummibar: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa was going to be added to our Favorite Holiday Christmas movie watch list.

The YouTube sensation stars in his first ever singing and dancing filled Yummy-Gummy Christmas Movie Available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand November 6

The internet sensation Gummibär makes his feature length film debut in Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand on November 6 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. With over 2 Billion views on YouTube to date, “TheGummy Bear Song,” is the #1 most viewed “Film & Animation” video on YouTube of all time. Now in his first fun-filled movie, Gummibär uses his charm, lovability and dancing skills to rescue Santa from Aliens and save Christmas. The DVD also includes six fun bonus music videos featuring your favorite singing and dancing green gummy bear.

Our Thoughts: We love this cartoon. It’s a fun new twist on the holidays with Santa taking a short vacation thinking that the day is on hold and what actually happens is that time continues on and Santa almost misses Christmas.  Thank goodness Gummibar and a his friends set out to see what happen to Santa but what they find out is that he’s been taken by and Alien and in order to get Santa back they must Dance battle the alien. My kids love this part. They get up and try to mimic the dances and its an all out dance battle that has me laughing out loud. Now I’m not going to ruin it for you and tell you what happens but I can tell you that this cartoon is fabulous. It puts a fun new twist on a brand new holiday treat for the kids that they will absolutely L-o-v-e.

The Movie features 8 Songs: 2 Christmas songs and 6 Hit Gummy songs. I honestly don’t think this video will get packed away this year. I think it’s going to be one video they are going to want to watch all year long.

Lionsgate- Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa DVD is the perfect holiday gift for animation fans, kids of all ages, families as well as anyone who loves Christmas movies. The DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98. or on sale for $9.96 at Walmart!

* ~ * ~ GIVEAWAY ~ * ~ *

Win it: One Reader of the Night owl Mama will win Gummibar pack which consists of the Gummibar: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa DVD, Music CD, flash drive and plush! Doesn’t that sound spectacular. (photo to coming soon)

How to Enter: Log into the Rafflecopter below with your Facebook I.D (to keep track of your entries) or your email address. Complete each entry that you can to increase your chances of winning.

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disclosure: I was provided with a dvd to form an opinion and thoughts for a review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

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30 Responses

  1. Ann Fantom says:

    My daughter would love this. She has been a Gummibar fan ever since she saw the original YouTube video.

  2. Marianne S. says:

    I think my son would like it because it’s new, and unique. Going to have to play the trailer for him when he’s awake!

  3. Jim Lipscomb says:

    It’s cute

  4. Eloise Carlson says:

    My daughter would love this because her dad and her watch the Gummibar videos online almost nightly and she loves to sing and dance with them. She would get a real kick out of this! Thanks so much for hosting this fun giveaway!


  5. cathy zera-stesney says:

    My kids would love it for the music & the characters! I was playing the trailer & my 4 year old was dancing around the living room 🙂

  6. Adrianne B says:

    My daughter is already obsessed with Gummibar. She loves the songs!!

  7. It looks cute and my son would like the music and dancing.

  8. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Any butt joke makes my kids laugh! Plus this is different than the regular Christmas movies!

  9. steve weber says:

    they already watch the youtube videos on repeat.. they would love this

  10. Gina Brickell says:

    I know my son would love this because he has already had to download all the gummibar songs on my iphone.. He loves them!

  11. Julie D says:

    My daughter LOVES Gummibar. She has watched the youtube videos over and over.

  12. Rae Higgins says:

    I have to say, I think my grands would find that butt crack very funny too! LOL!!

  13. DARLA KIDDER says:

    My son would love it for the animation and the music.

  14. Janine says:

    My son is already addicted to Gummy Bear (or Osito Gominola in Spanish), so I would *love* to win this for him! 🙂

  15. Sue Sattler says:

    The trailor was hilarious. I could see sitting down with my kids and grandkids and laughing through this movie. I can’t wait for my grandson to wake up and watch this.

  16. Teh Doll says:

    My kids will like the music and that Santa is in it.

  17. hollowsins says:

    I think my nephew would like this for the colors and music

  18. Jenny says:

    My kids will like it. The fact of gummy bears lol will do it. The music is good and there is some chaos. Mine would be glued to it.

  19. Austin Baroudi says:

    My daughter loved it! Definitely want this!!!

  20. paula huie says:

    OMG! i just played the trailer and my son went nuts!! the music is catchy! lol and the characters are cute!