What would you do with $5000 a Week for Life? #PCHForeverPrize #sponsored

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I often day dream about what it would be like to win the Publishers Clearing House Forever Prize sweepstakes. I’ve been entering for years. To have financial freedom and endless opportunity to travel and help out family and friends who were always there for us. If you’ve never heard of Publishers Clearing House Forever Prize let me explain exactly what it is.

In a nutshell it’s $5000 a week for the Rest of YOUR LIFE and you get to pass along the PCH’s Forever Prize to a beneficiary- namely to someone you love.


For me the very first thing we would do with the first check of $5000 would be to book a trip to Disney. We’d pack up the kids, call our siblings and have them pack their kids up, my in laws, my mom and her hubby and we’d fly everyone out to Disney for a full week of all expenses paid fun. After we get back home I’d pay off my moms house, my brother’s house, my sister’s house, hubby’s brother’s house and set up my youngest brother with a lawn care business all his own. Then maybe we’d move on to cousins and help them out.

Oh there’s so much I would love to do including return to school and learn photography, how to use photoshop (I know something I can learn easy but I’d hire a personal tutor to come to my home and teach me), and oh who else knows what but it certainly is fun to day dream about getting a big check every week.


Our next step after that would be to pay of all our bills and then build a new home for us and the kids with a go karting track not far away. Then set up all our children with bank accounts for college. Of course our future plans after that would include travel. I’d visit all the amazing places I always wanted to go like Mexico, Paris, Italy, Rome, Hawaii, Ireland, China, and we’d have to make another visit back to Puerto Vallarta were we had our Honeymoon almost 10 years ago this coming March but this time we’d the Honeymoon suite and stay a full week. Would we take the kids? Uh… I’d have to think about that.

Then of course we’d donate to charity but which charity? How do we chose?

If I had to name a beneficiary I have no clue who I’d chose. For the most part the most logical choice would be to chose my youngest son, but how can I just pick one child. I couldn’t. Who would you chose? How would you decide?

What would you do if you opened your door and saw this? Other than stutter, scream and scream some more with excitement then I’d freek out, because that’s what I’d do orr would I just stand there in disbelief?


Wouldn’t you love to win $5000 a week for the rest of your life? Who would you pass it on to! For parents, the easy answer is your children, but what if you could turn someone’s life around with this prize, would you?

The “Forever” Prize lets you leave a legacy for your loved ones. Win, and you’d get $5,000 a week for your life, then after that, you’d get to choose someone to receive $5,000 a week for their life! It’s unlike any other PCH prize — and it’s GUARANTEED to be awarded this August!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Publishers Clearing House. The opinions and text are all mine.

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