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It’s been several weeks since we shared our thoughts on the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra learning tablet review. I received a LeapPad Ultra free of charge for the purpose of testing and sharing our thoughts for this LeapPad Ultra Review.  My boys still love and play with the LeapPad Ultra daily.  My 5 yr old just loves the LeapPad for gaming, chatting with friends and art studio.  It has opened a whole world for him that is full of educational learning, interactive gaming, chat texting, pet play, and more.  My 7 yr old loves that he can play games race games with his younger brother and they can chat on a level that my younger son can interact without even needing to learn how to spell.  He loves that he can go anywhere in the house and it still works. We’ve been huge fans of Leapfrog LeapPad since the very first version came out years ago and things just keep getting better and better.

I’ve shared a lot about what we love about the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra in my  previous but let me just show you a few things that we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks.  One thing we’ve learning is that with the Wifi on this tablet it allows us to be on different levels in the house and stay connected to Pet chat and play games against eachother.  Here they are side by side to show you what each screen looks like when your connected. The connection is done solely by the devices and requires no additional action on your part other than choosing multi-player game play from the options.

Here’s just one of several of the games my boys love to play in addition to Turbo game just like the movie.


Kids can chose a to play Single or Multi-player game.  Chose a character and a car and then the game asks you to answer questions. This is great for kids in Kindergarten. Asks questions like what number is higher than 40 Or what’s one less than 10. Then the race game begins. Friendly competition in a educational and safe learning environment.



Here’s the LeapFrog Pet Chat. This adorable kids texting app is so much fun. Kids get a pet icon and enter a chat room. There are phrases to chose from for conversing and you also get a whole group of smiley icons to chose from too.  Once you touch the phrase the tablet  will tell you what it says before you click the send button.  So if that’s not the one you want you can chose another.  It helps little kids hold a conversation that will sure to put a smile on their faces and one in their hearts. My little boys face lights up with joy when he uses it.


We tested this feature for distance and it seems to work as far as the wifi stays connected. We’ve used it in different rooms, on different levels of the home and it continued to work. Once we went out side and went down the block it lost connection.  My guess is it only stays connected to eachother as long as the wifi is available.   One thing that it doesn’t have is the ability to access just the alphabet for typing in messages.  Hopefully there will be an upgrade for that. I think that’s something my older boy would like, however it does eliminate kids from typing in unfavorable messages to eachother. The Holidays are quickly approaching so pick up your LeapPad Ultra today.


Education is never ending and all kids learn at a different pace.  The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra allows for that learning to happen as children increase their skill level during game play and interactive apps. You’ll be able to see how they’ve over come obstacles and learned by accessing the ParentPortal online.  Rejoice in your child’s accomplishments and let them know how proud you are.

LeapPad Ultra is available in both green and pink at and  all major retailers.

Suggested Retail Price–  Target $149.99 / Walmart $149.00 /  /Toys R Us$149.99 / Kmart $149 and listed as 1 of the Fab 15


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Win it: One U.S Reader of the Night Owl Mama will win a LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra.


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    I like the feature:Kids can chose a to play Single or Multi-player game.

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    I love the construction of it,an the size,looks sturdy enough for little hands

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