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HEXBUG Nano V2 Ultimate Build Party #HexBug #TheycanClimb

Hexbugs Nano V2 the ultimate in play for every Hexbug fan. Last month we were asked to have an Hexbug Nano V2 Ultimate build party and has been sent several kits and single packs to put together a play and party kit for the kids. My son was celebrating his 8th Birthday and it was the prefect opportunity to invite over friends and cousins. While we were waiting for the kids to come in the moms and I put together the kits.


Nano V2 Kits featured are:

1 Nano V2 Barrel Roll
1 Nano V2 Sky Max
2 Nano V2 Hurricanes
1 Nano V2 Black Hole

Many of the kids have never seen Hexbugs before other than on commercials on television. It was really great that we could provide an exprience of a few hours of play and fun with Hexbugs V2 and the ultimate build party. Hexbugs V2 can now climb. They have tunnels and towers that you build and kids just love watching them buzz around.


The kids really loved all of the kits and loved that they each had their own Hexbug.  They set Hexbug races and even started breaking down the towers and putting together their own creations. Sometimes that didn’t turn out so well but the kids really didn’t mind.  These gravity defying robotic creatures can climb and shake where ever they needed to follow the path.



Its really awesome how the different kits and connections connect together.  The universal pieces among the kits allow for creativity and larger creations.  And because each kit is so affordable the possibilities are endless.


The see through tunnels allow for the kids to watch the Hexbugs climb up through the tunnels. When they get stuck sometimes you have to separate the tunnels and pull them out  even after doing this several times the kids were still okay with it. Sure you can sit and wait for it to wiggle its way free but you know kids they are impatient.

Here’s a little video show I put together to show you all how much fun all the kids had. Enjoy

As you see the kids really loved Hexbug Nano V2 ultimate party we hosted.
At the end of the day the party was a huge hit. The kids really loved coming over and interacting with these gravity defying robotic creatures. They love how they tickle their hands and climb, climb, climb their way up the towers and best of all it’s whole lot of robotic fun in a vertical tunnel world.


All kits are available at  Or Hexbug Nano V2 on for another great selection

1 Nano V2 Barrel Roll- Toys R Us $29.99 / $35.14 Amazon (prices subject to change)
1 Nano V2 Sky Max- $39.10
2 Nano V2 Hurricanes $45.78
1 Nano V2 Black Hole $49.99 Toys R Us

Be sure to stock up on extra batteries because the kids will run to run Hexbugs Nano V2 into the night and once the batteries are done they’ll need to be replaced.

Note: All HEXBUG Nano’s Use AG13/LR44 Batteries

A huge Thank You to Hexbug for supplying us with the Ultimate Hexbug Nano V2 Party kit.



  1. Stephen says:

    We have this for Christmas already! It looks cool!

  2. judy gardner says:

    the kids would love this – thanks for the heads up on the batteries!

  3. Mickey says:

    What fun! My son would love these I bet!

  4. Keely Hostetter says:

    jealous, my kids would love to have this! Looks so fun.

  5. Rosey says:

    Now that’s a party!! :)

  6. Wendy T says:

    That is very cool. I love things that foster creativity and brain power.

  7. Stephen says:

    This is a great product!

  8. Brandy says:

    OH what fun that would be! We love our old school HexBugs and want the new ones badly. Love how fun your party looks!

  9. Janet W. says:

    These look really neat and I love how all the kids seem so fascinated with them!

  10. vickie couturier says:

    how awesome was that! wow,,my grandsons would have flipped,,they love those things