Intensely Captivating Sneak Peak of Disney’s MALEFICENT #Maleficent

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Disney’s “Maleficent” opens in theaters

May 30, 2014


The Academy awards featured a intensely captivating sneak peak of  Disney’s Maleficient starring the beautifully talented Angelina Jolie. She’s been one of my favorite actresses ever since she was “Girl Interrupted”. I’m stalking the calendar and I can’t wait to see this film. It’s going to receive multiple awards I just know it.

Award-winning, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded a unique reimagining of the renowned fairy-tale tune from Disney’s classic animated film “Sleeping Beauty,” which will feature in the end credits of the upcoming Disney film.

90-second sneak peak of MALEFICENT

Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream” is free for a limited time, only on Google Play, Google’s online store offering digital music, movies, books, games and more. The song was made available as a free download today and will be available exclusively on Google Play through Monday, February 3rd.

The film stars Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville.

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20 Responses

  1. Shell Feis says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie! Definitely not taking my little guy though, looks far too intense for him.

  2. Raijean says:

    I so can’t wait to see this movie!

  3. Kathleen says:

    So excited for this movie. I love a villians’ take on things.

  4. Angela says:

    I’m really looking forward to the release of Disney’s Maleficent on May 30th! I know my nieces, nephew, Mom & myself will love it.

  5. HOLY COW, CHEEKBONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely, those are enhanced … I don’t think hers are normally so pointy???

    But, YES — so very, very, very, very excited about this. I’m hoping it can be a date night this summer for us!

  6. HilLesha says:

    I can’t wait to watch this! 🙂

  7. Julie says:

    This looks AWESOME – I can’t wait to see it! Will Angelina’s cheekbones get their own listing in the credits? 🙂

  8. LyndaS says:

    I love Angelina Jolie. This movie is going to be awesome.

  9. Marcie W. says:

    Love the featured song and I have never seen Angelina Jolie look more beautiful. Just something about the exquisite makeup and costume design! Can’t wait!

  10. Drat, missed out on the free download. My little ones are chicken hearts and were put off by the previews and posters of Maleficent. She looks like a true demon; I guess that’s what she is. We probably won’t be going to see this in the theater. Maybe when in comes out on DVD we’ll rent it so we can pause it if it gets too intense and not worry about being out an arm and a leg.

  11. Keely Hostetter says:

    She looks perfect for the character, hope it’s not too scary for the kids.

  12. Wow, this movie looks intense! Oh, and that rendition of “Once Upon A Dream” is so eerie!

  13. She’s going to do one heck of a job in that role, I think. I can’t wait to see the evil on the big screen.

  14. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  15. Donna says:

    Yeah, I think young kids would be to scared. I think my 11-year old would be okay. He likes kind of scary shows and books. This looks so good!

  16. Mickey says:

    I really hope this ends up as great as it looks. I always worry about too much hype before a movie. but this really does look awesome! 🙂

  17. This movie looks amazing, I can’t wait for it!

  18. Leilani says:

    I can’t wait to see this. I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie, but this movie looks great!

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  20. Vickie Couturier says:

    I think my grown kids would love this,,but I think its not for little kids,maybe too scarey?? did your boys watch it?