SAMBA MD Posture Aid, Stability, Prostate Cushion Seat #Giveaway

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching someone you love suffer from pain not even find comfort in sitting. It’s nothing short of frustrating and the only thing you can do is pray that the doctor’s are able to help. My mom Marie who blogs over at XMASDOLLY suffers from several issues. One of them prevents her from sitting comfortably. She was offered an opportunity to review the Samba MD TM Proprietary adjustable air core enables unique 5-in-1 performance, and the best Wheelchair Cushion + Stability Seat + Posture Wedge + Tailbone Cushion + Prostate Seat ever! Advantages of SambaMD – Breakthrough in E2622/3 cushion. She absolutely loves this seat and feels so strongly about it that she asked me to assist her in promoting to help get the word out about this comfortable Posture Aid seat.


Ive opted to promote this product without compensation to my self. however another blogger has received a sample of this product to review. Thoughts are 100% her opinion on product. My personal thoughts on her pain are honest and my own.

Here’s a few things she wanted me to share with you:

  • I’m more comfortable during prolonged sitting, and just with a couple of puffs of air;
  • Prevents body from sinking. You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting in a chair too long, and you get up and it’s like look at that sink hole. Well, that was from you. With the Samba MD you don’t get that because of the air cushion inside, and just keeps you comfortable all day long.
  • Promotes better sitting posture. With this cushion you almost have to sit up straight because of the texture of the pillow. On a regular pillow it starts to form to your body, and you start to slouch. The Samba MD doesn’t do that due to the air cushion.
  • Reduces physical inactivity. It keeps you comfortable enough that when you do go to move you’re not so sore that you don’t want to move.
  • Relieves back pain & fatigue. Now this is the one I’m talking about. Being a blogger for one you know we sit a lot and for long periods. When you even don’t have back problems your back will start to ache from being in the same position to long, and without the proper cushion to sit on. Having Spinal Stenosis my back pain would not only go up my back, but down through the spine, and to the legs. If you have back problems you know exactly what I’m talking about. Another reason why I keep a stool under my desk.
  • Revitalizes sensitivity of the trunk. Okay, I’m not quite sure about revitalizes sensitivity of my trunk, but if this pillow revitalizes anything I’ll vouch for it. I absolutely love this pillow. This pillow is good for everyone back problems or no. Watching TV, sitting at your desk, oh where was this pillow when I was a legal assistant sitting all day doing research. Receptionist, truck drivers, anyone that has to sit a long period of time I highly recommend the Samba MD.
  • Improves skin protection and circulation. Circulation yes mostly because of your legs I would say being on a soft cushion area instead of hard it does not stop your blood from flowing if on a hard surface, and then bending over. The only example I can think of believe it or not is did you ever sit on a bar stool and the seat ends in the middle of your thigh and you feel like your leg is going to fall asleep? Circulation… POOF! Not with the Samba MD.
  • Protects coccyx & prostate gland. Air cushion that doesn’t go away. What more can I say. Nor goes out of shape.
  • Easy maintenance. You can take the pillow out and wipe it down if you like take out the air, and refresh it. You can also get a handi wipe and wipe off the leather side, and even vacuum the material side if you wish.
  • More functional, beneficial and affordable. AMEN!
  • 3 year 100% performance guarantee.

My mom sits in front of her computer most of the day. She had back surgery in August to help fix some of the pain she was having but she still experiences pain from a botched up surgery she had in years prior.   She’s been putting up with this pain for seven (7) years, and has never found anything to give her real comfort that doesn’t wear out in a few weeks.  The Samba MD pillow ( posture aid seat, Anti-fatigue chair, back relief cushion, Anti-Inactivity chair, Coccyx seat & a Prostate cushion) has provided her with comfort during her long hours in front of the computer.

If you know someone or you are someone who experiences pain when sitting or is spending long hours sitting in a wheel chair or at sitting at a computer desk then you need to enter this contest and try this pillow for yourself.



Advantages about SambaMD Posture Seat from their site:

  • Wheelchair Cushion with memory foam for better pressure distribution
  • Wheelchair Cushion with customization valve for instant adjustment to ultimate comfort
  • Stability Seat for neuromuscular stimulation to revitalize sensitivity of the trunk
  • Posture Wedge for improving sitting posture and reducing back pain and fatigue
  • Tailbone Cushion for relieving pressure to tailbone and thighs
  • Prostate Seat for relieving pressure to perineal body and protecting coccyx & prostate gland


To read Marie’s Full review and see her video review on this product please visit

~ * ~ GIVEAWAY ~ * ~

Win It: This is a combined effort to promote a giveaway. One person who enters on the rafflecopter below will win a (1) SambaMD Cushion (Wheelchair Cushion + Stability Seat + Posture Wedge + Tailbone Cushion + Prostate Seat). retail value $289.

How to Enter: Log into the Rafflecopter below using your Facebook I.d or your email address. The more entries you complete the greater your chances of winning.

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