Splash into Summer with Blast Zone Great White Wild Inflatable Slide

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Are you ready for a wild and crazy summer?  Hot summer days and night will soon be here. Have you found a way to cool off?   I’ve been wracking my brain trying to put together a schedule to keep the kids busy this summer.  So far on my list I have play dates, cook outs, water parks, amusement parks…  then it hit me.  We can do all that right here in our own back yard. Staycation right here at home with BLAST ZONE.  Blast Zone gave us the opportunity to do a review of the Great White Wild Inflatable Slide.  The amount of excitement was just overwhelming and my kids and their friends couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Did you know that Blast Zone carries the worlds best inflatable Bounce houses and Inflatable Water parks?   They carry both residential and commercial Inflatable Bouncers and Water slides. You can bring a whole new kind of fun to the end of the year school parties, birthday parties, Forth of July parties & summer cook outs with Blast Zone bouncers and water slides.

Blast Zone Inflatables are a great way to party, play, get exercise and cool off!

Blast Zone Great White Wild Inflatable Slide Review


At first glance the Great White appears to be huge! It’s actually just the right size for kids. Not to big and not to small. The slide is over 20″ long and the Great White from ground to height is about 7 feet tall and approx 6 feet wide. It weigh’s approx 50 lbs when deflated, holds up to 200 lbs and is a  bit bulky to carry but it can be done even by someone of my size.  It arrives in 1 large box and once unpacked you’ll have these items shown and listed below.



  • 1 Great White Water slide
  • 1 – 2 hose sprayer
  • 8 yellow stakes
  • patches and repair kit
  • Blower with 2 stakes

optional: 100 play balls with carrying case


When laid out you can see that it’s long and not so wide. So if you have a narrow yard you’ll have room.  Connecting the blower is easy. Simply plug it in to the yellow hose coming from the slide, secure it with a tie and turn it on. The blower must remain running during playtime and for the Great White to remain inflated.

There’s no time to lose. Are you ready for fun? Full inflation take approximately close to 2 minutes.  The kids love watching it blow up but be sure to tie off all opening before inflating. I forgot to tie one of the openings and had to cut my review video clips off so I can do that.  Upon touching the material you can feel the durability.  Blast Zone “utilize X-Weave® material in non-impact areas, with extremely high tensile strength in all directions. Most inflatables utilize material that is stronger in one direction than the other, leading to rips, or bursts in the material. Blast Zone Commercial products are constructed with 100% commercial vinyl.”


One thing that really impressed me and I love is the safety netting outside of the climbing wall. It’s a half net wall to protect your child from slips and falls. There is also an inflatable platform at the very bottom of the wall so kids aren’t standing in the grass or land on the grass should there be a slip, the landing would be a soft one.  The climbing wall foot openings are deep and the safety handles are reinforced red thick straps.  This made me smile. I can tell that Blast Zone really cares about the safety of their customers and our children.

As you can see there are 8 yellow stakes provided to put into the loops around the Great White to reinforce the stability of the slide and keeping it in place during play time and possibility of windy weather and we get that a lot here in the “Windy City” Chicago.  When securing the slide with the stakes I like to pull out the loop and put the stake in at an angle so it secures the loop to the ground.


The Great White Inflatable slide can be used dry or wet.  It comes with a double sprayer that is easily attached at the opening of the shark mouth with velcro. The Velcro is already attached to the top and on the sprayer so a simple press was all it took to place. Next step is to secure the hose to the water hose already attached to the house. Once the water is turned on the sprayers begin to spray and splash down on the slide. The water flows down the slide to fill up the pool at the bottom of the slide.

Video Review of the Blast Zone Great White Wild Inflatable Slide

Hope you enjoyed our Great White Water Slide video review. It’s the first 70 degree weather day we had here in Chicago this year. The water was freezing but I don’t think the kids minded that much. They loved sliding down the slide wet or dry and splashing into the water once landing on the splash pad. The water can get a lot higher but because it was so cold we didn’t fill it up all the way. I do imagine at some point you’d have to turn off the sprayer once the pool on the bottom was filled but until then it’s plenty of sprinkling, sliding, and wild water fun.

Don’t be alarmed if you see bubbles in the seam areas while it’s inflated. This is okay. A little bit of air escapes through the seam stitching in order to keep it bouncy.

Once the kids were done playing I turned off the blower and untied the two air release openings. Then I dumped the water at the bottom by tilting the area until water drained. It would be nice to have a drain opening there but it wasn’t a big deal to drain the water. Once it was fairly empty I grabbed a towel and dried the surfaces of the whole Blast Zone Great White Wild Inflatable slide. This is to keep it clean and mold free.

I then folded it (hubby came out to help me) and we put it back in the box. Unfortunately when purchased through Amazon we did not receive a storage bag to put it in but a plastic container or box works fine.

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Many thanks going out to Blast Zone for the opportunity to  review the Great White Water Slide and offering a Magic Castle for a giveaway for my readers.

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70 Responses

  1. sherrie says:

    so cute and kid friendly. Love the safety netting, that impressed me. Usually you dont see that on these types of water parks.

  2. Yana Lyfar says:

    This is great idea. My daughter would love it

  3. abedabun dawn says:

    I would not just like to have the Great White Waterslide, I would LOVE to have one!!!! My grand daughter would have so much fun! It looks to be well built with wonderful features that would with no doubt provide many many hrs of fun.

  4. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is such a neat outdoor fun slide. I love the safety net on it.

  5. Jennifer Hiles says:

    This looks like so much fun! I love the “waterfall” at the top and that there is a space at the bottom of the slide to lounge in too!

  6. Dawn Monroe says:

    OMG! I think this would be amazing. I have six grandkids under six years old so its nearly impossible to take them swimming, they love the water. This would be perfect and safe.

  7. barbara cato says:

    This would keep my kids happy for hours upon hours!

  8. Torsten says:

    This really looks like excellent fun! Plus it’s not just for kids as it takes up to 200lbs… So even better!!

  9. debra dubois says:

    Thanks for the review it sure looks like tons of fun i really like how easy it is to get up and going.

  10. Meghan Malicoat says:

    Wow, my kids would go crazy over this. They have a blast running through sprinklers, I can’t even imagine how much fun they could have with this water slide!!

  11. Janet W. says:

    That looks like such a fun slide. My young grandsons would really enjoy this and would slide down a million times!

  12. Kris Garvey says:

    I love the shape of this – my family loves sharks! This would be so much fun. Thanks for the review – I appreciate all of the attention to detail you put into this. It’s nice to know that though the items are heavy they are portable, and that it’s fairly easy to put it up as well as take it back down.

  13. Candy T says:

    I have always wanted to rent one of these. My kiddos would have a great time on one of these!

  14. Judy Cox says:

    My son rented one almost just like this for my grandson’s birthday party, and it was fabulous. Everyone had great fun. It was very easy to air up and maintain it.

  15. Donna Cheatle says:

    Great review!! You make this look so easy and fun!

  16. I have a question, does it recycle the water at the bottom of the slide or it just fills up? Our slip N slide, it just fills up so it over flows all over the grass and eats up A LOT of water. If it recycles the water that would be AWESOME.

    • no unfortunately it doesn’t recycle the water once the water is filled on the bottom you can either shut the hose off at the top of let it overflow into the grass 🙂

  17. as a grown adult, i still want one of those!

  18. My kids would have hours of fun on this thing daily if I got it for them. Thank you for the detailed review of it. I love the video too.

  19. Ty says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun! I bet my kids would so love this!