Mattel WWE Superstar Ring Builder Mix and Match for 20+ Rings!

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this is a sponsored post on behalf of Mattel. WWE Superstar Ring and superstar was provided for the purpose of this review. Thoughts are 100% our own and honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

Wrestling fans get ready to bring the action of WWE Superstar Ring Match Wrestling home to your own living room.  The WWE Superstar Ring builder gives you the ability to mix and match for up to 20 + ring configurations.   You’ll find endless ways to build and create Ring customized rings for your wrestling action figures* (sold separately). Includes 28 pieces which configure into to 20+ Rings that you create.  Mattel has created this Wrestling ring building action for children ages 8+.


We have been Wrestling fans since my oldest, who is now 26, was a kid.  He had so many wrestling action figures (they are not called dolls). I remember watching Wrestling on T.V, going to live Matches and seeing Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant Wrestle and watching the look of complete and utter excitement on my son’s face. It was priceless.  Wrestling has survived and is still on television today for family’s to enjoy.  Sting was one of his favorites and the fact that Sting is still wrestling today he shares his excitement and love for wrestling with his own son who is a brand new generation of Wrestling Fans entering the scene.  WWE has come a long way and it’s amazing to see the excitement of Wrestling in my youngest boys.  From playing wrestling video games to sitting on the floor with WWE Create a superstar ring arena right here in our own living room.

My son is 9 yrs old and had an easy time building the arena just by looking at the photos on the box. They prefer this one style but I’m sure in the future they’ll attempt to the build and configure other setups. We keep the box to store pieces. There are a lot of them so you’ll want to make sure to keep them all together. Pieces snap together easily to make set up a snap. The kids like that this set up sit up a bit so they can have a little higher than floor level. Makes it easier for them.



With a more elaborate set up they say its harder to get their hands into battle but there are other set ups that allow you to battle under the ring as well as above and next to the ring. Wrestling fans are going to love playing with the setup and possibly even end up creating a few of their own.

WWE® Create a Ring (CMB52)
ARP: $39.99 | Age: 6+ years
Build the WWE ring you’ve always imagined!
Mix-and-match more than 30 parts—turnbuckles, ropes, mats, and more—to create a never-before-seen ring

With Mattel’s “Create A Superstar” and “Create A Ring” fans can build their own or recreate a famous match up utilizing their very own WWE Superstar and have them participate in whatever ring configuration they desire, whether it’s a “Hell in the Cell” or Tables, Latter’s Chairs. Mattel’s got WWE fans covered with “Create a Superstar” and “Create a Ring” product.

If you have a Wrestling ring then your going to need superstar wrestlers. Create a Superstar Wrestlers allows you to create Superstar wrestler with switchable body parts to create a whole new wrestler every time you step into the ring. They easily snap into place so you can jump into action.


WWE® Create a Superstar (CGL78)
ARP: $19.99 | Age: 6+ years
Create an Original WWE Superstar! Now it’s easy for kids to build the Superstar they’ve always dreamed of seeing in the ring! Switch around body parts and mix-and-match battle gear to build a completely unique WWE Superstar.
Get your Superstar ring ready with a variety of battle gear including masks, capes, weapons, armor or removable tattoo decals, and much more.
Show off your customized creation or challenge your favorite WWE Superstar to the ultimate showdown against a rival he’s never faced before.


Build your wrestling super star collection and step into the ring for the ultimate Battle royal.  Mix and match the wrestlers, head, feet and chest for a whole different look.



My boys love battling and they love trying out the superstar moves with their handheld wrestling figures. The kicks, the Smackdowns, the flying, the Takedowns and the flying off the ropes side kicks are happening in the ring. Your wrestling fans will love all the fun action moves they can perform with their wrestling superstars.


Ready to get into action. Pick Up Mattel WWE® Create a Ring and Mattel WWE® Create a Superstar at your local Walmart, Target and Toys R Us.

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