LeapFrog Word Whammer It’s Word Building Fun In the Palm of Your Hands

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This LeapFrog Word Whammer review is sponsored by LeapFrog. We received product for the purpose of this review. Thoughts are 100% our own and honest opinion.

LeapFrog has always inspired my kids to learn in fun and creative ways. The LeapFrog Word Whammer is word building fun in the palm of your hands.  It helps children build spelling skills through 5 levels of play.  From identifying letters to matching upper and lowercase letters and pairs with their sounds.  This Leapfrog learning tool puts kids in control of building different words and learning their letters all while having fun and they love it so much they don’t want to put it down. It builds confidence and excites kids about learning.


LeapFrog’s Word Whammer is great for kids learning to put letters and sounds together to form words.  It’s not only perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten, but for first graders, too. My son just started the second grade this year and I asked him to test it out for me.  As I watched him play he laughed out loud and caught on very quickly I really wish this had come out two years ago because I just know it would of helped him pick up on letters and sounds easier.

A friend of mine has a son that is just started Kindergarten and she sat down with the Word Whammer and played for about 10 minutes. She really liked the way the game played and ease of play. She says that her son would love it and she thinks it would really help him enjoy learning his letters. For kids who love electronics like her son I think he’s going to love the Word Whammer.

There are 4 games with 5 skill levels for kids to learn as they play.

Build spelling skills by identifying letters and letter sounds to build 100+ words. The quicker your child masters the challenge the machine automatically adjusts to the right challenge increasing the interest while the child plays. Here’s a list of the 5 levels of play.

LEVEL 1: Twist and turn th ehandle to identify letters, match upper case and lowercase letters and pair letters with their sounds

LEVEL 2: Build words with spelling support. Example letter “b” to complete the word, “boy”.

LEVEL 3: Identify the letter at the beginning, middle, or end of a 3-letter word. Example  Find the letter that begins with the word “dog”

LEVEL 4: Fill in the missing letter to complete a 3-letter word.

LEVEL 5: Practice/ practice spelling more than 100 CVC words, such as “big” or “fox”

Here’s a quick review video of the LeapFrog Word Whammer

There are two settings for Volume low and high but you can not control how low or how high. Kids tend to want to loudest level with all toys but I’m happy to see there’s a bit of control for parents.

So many ways to learn that are repetitive to build recognition and retain word building skills. Kids love repetition and the more they see a word the quicker they will recognize it. Teachers focus on repetition to help kids retain and remember sounds and words many times they call these site words. Site words are words that are used in daily reading and these words kids will learn quicker the more they see them. The daily spelling lists have many words that are site words for quicker recognition. Last year in 1st grade we had a different set of words each week that we studied every night. Each week they’d change up and sometimes just move down the list to help reinforce the word spelling. Sounding them out and hearing the letters sounds and over helped my son learn them faster.

Thoughts from my 7 yr old: My son says he like when he wins prizes for spelling words. Then he likes bringing them to the carnival and showing them to all the other animals.  He says he likes playing the Dragon’s Rocket ride the most because you get to be in a rocket even though dragons can fly. He thinks that’s funny.   At the of the game it shows you how many you get right and it says you win six tickets and shows them on the screen. I like that alot about it. I play before bed and sometimes like to bring it in the car with us when we go for drives.



Dragon’s Rocket Ride- Kids blast dragon’s rocket into the correct answer

Penguin’s Tea cup Twister- You’ll twist penguins tea cup to find the correct answer

Panda’s Bumper Cars- By twisting the handle up or down you can bump Panda’s car into the correct answer.

Super Speller Spin Machine- my 2nd grader loves this one the most. Twisting the handle to connect letters to form different 3-letter words

Kids will tap, Twist and spell their way to being stronger with reading 3 letter common word site words helping them learn faster and keeping them wanting to learn. This fun and creative way to get kids to fall in love with spelling words is great. Love that they reward kids for spelling words by giving them ribbons and telling them how many they got right.  It’s super positive and a great way for positive reinforcement  for kids.

They are teaching kids to learn to read earlier than ever and the more we can help them build their confidence and make learning letters and sounds and reading fun for kids the better chance they have at excelling at in their grade level. Leapfrog has always been at the top of our list for over 25 years and now that my oldest has a child that just turned 1 well be continuing the tradition of learning with LeapFrog.

Are you a LeapFrog Family? What are your Favorite LeapFrog products?

Recommended for Age 4+

BUY IT: LeapFrog WordWhammer is available at Target- $19.99   /  TRU $19.99   / Walmart $16.99

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2 Responses

  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I have never seen this before but I am loving how easy and fun this is to use, I am sure a few of my grandchildren would love to play with this ..

  2. vickie Couturier says:

    that looks like fun while learning,,my grands would love this