Lil Monkey Dome Climber Jungle Gym and App Review

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I was provided with a gift card to purchase the Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber Jungle Gym on Amazon. Thoughts are our honest opinion. No other compensation was provided

Kids love to get out and be active and our yard is filled with fun outdoor play equipment for kids to play on and get their energy out. We’ve been entertaining neighborhood kids for years and if there’s one thing we strive for is making sure our yard play toys are for little one’s. The Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber   jungle gym is a great edition and the kids just love it. The lil’ climber provides hours of fun climbing and even ads fun with a cool Lil’ climber app for kids to play games with on the tablet while facing the lil’ monkey climber.


The Monkey Dome Climber is made of heavy plastic tubes. It snaps together easily and it is a process. Look for the corresponding letters to put the pieces together properly. The directions are pretty easily read and it only takes approximately an hour to put it together. My oldest son came by to give me a hand or well put it together so I can take photo’s of the process. (*cost me lunch). He first separated all the pieces to make sure they were all there. Then began assembling.


It wasn’t long before he had half of it together and then moved the construction outside.


Next was putting together the top and adding it in. This step is one to be careful with. If you don’t put the pieces together properly you’ll have to take them apart and do it again. This was the case for us. Unfortunately he had put a few of them in wrong and needed to turn them to put in the other way. Once flipped around the pieces were put together properly and he added the top.


Before putting together the bars be sure to add the flag so that you can use that with the app. We forgot to do it initially and trying to take apart the pieces certainly was difficult. Took both my son and I to get them separated. Once the top was added then you add the stabilizers on the bottom. Flipping it over was the easiest way to do this.


Once complete my son couldn’t wait to climb on it and hang like a little monkey. The bars are strong and stable once placed together.

Here’s a great Lil Monkey Dome Climber Video that tells you all about the process and the app

There’s a Monkey Dome Climber app that you can download for electronic play. I downloaded the app and my son gave it a try. Really cute fun games for kids like feeding the monkey that appears on or in front of the dome.  He played with it a few seconds and we kept getting the aim your device at the marker error and he handed the tablet back to me. He was more interested in climbing and wanted to invite friends over to join him. I think the app is a really cute idea, however I don’t allow electronics outside so if we happen to bring the dome inside for play during the winter then it’ll be something they can play again. 
My lil’ guy is 7 and since he is a small kid weighing barely 50 lbs he’s still pretty light. The dome climber holds up to 100 lbs so he has a few more years of play with friends if he likes. My middle boy weighs almost 100 lbs he stepped up on the side and the dome tilted up in the air.  So be careful if you have a heavier child that wants to climb you’ll want to stand on the opposite side so they and play, too.  The perfect age is approx. 3 and up but it was great for my smaller framed 7 yr old. I can’t wait to see my grand-baby climb on this next year.  He’s sure to love it. 

The lil’ Monkey Dome Climber retails on for $139.99 with Free Shipping

Visit Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber website at
For Video Assembly Instructions on putting together the Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber visit Assembly tips on
To download the free LIl’ Monkey app that only works with the Dome Climber visit the Google App store or Apple App store to download to your mobile device for Free.

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