Summon Your Favorite Mischievious YoKai with the YoKai Watch Toy #PlayLikeHasbro

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A world of fun and adventure awaits for you with the Yo-kai Watch Toy.  Yo-kai Watch is great for kids 4 and up who love those little mischievous Yo-kai and want to keep them close.  This watch does not tell time but for that reason it is one of a kind.  Kids can imagine summoning Yo-kai character as they play with the Watch and insert the medals. There are over 100 medals in all that will allow children access to new and fun Yo-kai.


My son has been a fan of Yo-kai Television series for months. He also loves playing Yo-kai on his Nintendo 3Ds.   He has enjoyed playing with the characters and was super excited when we received the Yo-kai Watch Toy for review.  He was super excited to get it open and couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.



There’s a button on the side of  the watch that opens the clear plastic cover revealing  the collectible medal with a Yo-kai pictured on it.  Once the disk is inserted in the slot it plays a song and the Yo-kai talks.  The Yo-kai watch toy does come with 2 exclusive medals and batteries are already in place upon purchase. The watch  does takes (3) 1.5 v batteries.

The medal disks are removable and kids will love how colorful and fun the Yo-kai creatures pictured on the front look.  There will be a total of 100 collectible medals to be released up to December 2016. Medals will be sold separately in stores as they become available.


Three ways to play with every Yo-kai Medal:

1. Imagine summoning Yo-kai by inserting the medal into the Yo-kai watch toy to hear the character’s name, tribe song, and other sounds. (Watch and medals each sold separately, subject to availability.)
2. Discover the wacky world of the Yo-kai by scanning the Medal with the Yo-kai Land app.
3. Collect Yo-kai Medals and store them in the Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book (book and medals each sold separately, subject to availability).

Our Thoughts: The wrist band on the Yo-kai watch is rather large. My 8 yr old son says “it’s super big”. There is an adjustment strap so you can adjust the tightness, but because he has a tiny wrist it doesn’t go small enough for him and the watch still spins. He still loves to wear it and is always asking for more Yo-kai medals. He wants to “COLLECT THEM ALL!”, he says. He has a “secret hiding spot” that he puts them in on his work bench. He loves sharing his yo-kai watch with his friends. He shows them what it can do and they all think its super cool. The watch plays tribe songs, summomings sounds and says the yo-kai names. It’s fun to hear the songs and the yo-kai names and we kinda wish the yo-kai watch did more because it is really cool and my son says “it would make a great gift” for all his friends.

Yo-kai watch toy is available for purchase at Wal-mart $14.92 / Toys R Us $18.99 / Target $14.99

Additional Medals sold separately. Yo-kai watch does not tell time.

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  1. cyndi br says:

    Looks like an affordable toy to buy and enjoy