Questions about Me and Answers from an 8 Year Old

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Without prompting I asked my 8 year old son these questions and wrote EXACTLY what he said.
Question like these can be fun and getting answers from your child gives you a little insight into their thinking. I love my son’s answers. He can be such a character and a ball of fun all at the same time.


*What is something I say a lot? I love you
*What makes me happy? when I hug you
*What makes me sad? when I’m not here
*How tall am I? 5’10
*What’s my favorite thing to do? go on your computer
*What is my favorite food? Burgers
*What is my favorite drink? Pepsi! Definitely Pepsi has to be Pepsi
*If I could go anywhere, where would it be? New York
*Do you think you could live without me? No
*How do I annoy you? When you don’t talk to me when I ask you questions
*What is my favorite TV show? Supernatural
*What is my favorite music to listen to? i dont know
*What is my job? blogging talk to famous people when u go on trips
*How old am I? 40
*What’s my favorite color? purple I dont know thats hard
*How much do you love me? All the way around your heart.

I love all his answers although I’m pretty sure I’m not 5’10 but to him being really short I bet it seems like it. Such a fun game to play with my boy. Have you tried asking your children these questions?

I bet you’ll love the answers.

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