BABY DADDY Cast Interviews and Episode Review. It’s Hysterical

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Baby Daddy is back with Season 6 on March 13 and it’s funnier than ever. If you haven’t tuned in to Baby Daddy I highly recommend you tune into Freeform and catch the episode airing March 13. You’ll be hooked. Here’s why. It’s full of comedy, every day life and of course Baby Daddy. This show started in 2012 with a Dan who after a one night stand ends up with a baby on his door step.  With help from friends and family he steps up into his dad roll. Now don’t worry about starting off with Season 6 cause they make it easy to follow along.

Catch up from the beginning Season’s 1-5 are currently streaming on Netflix.


Cast: Derek Theler (Danny Wheeler), Tahj Mowry (“Tucker Dobbs”), Chelsea Kane (“Riley Perrin”

Baby Daddy is super excited to be Celebrating 100 Episodes this Season. So much is going to be happening this next coming Season and it’s so incredible that they can cram so much into 22 minute episode. Season 6 picks up where Season 5 leaves off – Danny and Riley are pregnant and going to have baby.  So we’ll get to experience all there is with that and for many of us we’ve been there and some who are wondering what that would be like we’ll be able to watch Danny and Riley go through that from the beginning of the pregnancy.  Even though this is a really exciting part of the show it’s not all the show is about.


For many of you who are curious to know the little girl on the show is actually a twin. The little girls are just so great. They say hello and good-bye every time someone walks out onto the show. The cast gets very close to them and want to share in their lives off screen to. They’ve been on the show for 3 season’s now. This is so touching and really gives you insight on how close the cast really gets working together everyday.


They say that the little girls know how to get down time by simply saying they have to go potty. Tahj joked and said sometimes they ask “Do you really have to go potty?”.

They’re (The Writers) very generous with letting us improv. Of course, working with Melissa Peterman, who’s kind of the Queen of improv. Usually on Friday nights when we’re shooting in front of the live audience, once we get it one time the way it is on the page, we kind of cut Melissa (Peterman) loose and then it’s like everybody just brace yourself.


Melissa Peterman

They’ve had the same writers now since the beginning of Season 1 and they’ve all really become good friends.

So, after the show on Friday night, we had, you know, we all like go into the bar to celebrate or having dinner with each other over the hiatus and often times we’ll come in on Monday morning, you know, sit and having lunch with the writers and the crew. Telling some wild story that happened and sure enough, two weeks later, it’s in the show.

We always wonder where story lines come from well there’s a good example. I just love that they spin real life story’s into the show. It makes is so much easier to connect with the characters.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is where Derek shares behind the scene details about a scene they shot where he (Danny) picks up Chelsea (Riley) and he has to carry here and this is before they add this baby belly which in turn makes her a lot heavier because it’s like this backpack full of water. He says by the 3rd take he thought for sure they were going down. Then they all laugh and he says, “I almost killed us.” So funny!


          Photo Credit: Freeform/Todd Wawrychuk

We couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It’s really great to see these actors together off screen. They share so much of a great chemistry together they very much are like a family.

Always love interviewing cast but when you can sit and have lunch with them and get a little more relaxed.


End ending lunch with a fun game of Charades “Baby Shower” Baby Daddy style you know it’s going to be full of laughs. Check this out. Tahj Mowry was on our team. He promised us he’d kill it and he did! Just check out how amazing he did. He’s great.

Of course a press event and Q & A with Actors is never complete without a photo.  I’m super excited to say that Baby Daddy is going to be at the top of my list for show binge watching. 


Photos of cast above shared in this post were taken by Coralie Seright – Lovebugs and Postcards ( stop by and check out her blog.

The newly pregnant couple Danny and Riley search for the perfect doctor for their baby while Ben continues his quest to find his mysterious dream girl on the spring premiere episode of season six of “Baby Daddy,” airing MONDAY, MARCH 13 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform.



Here’s a few still clips from the season Premier of Baby Daddy. Just photo’s no words. No words, no spoilers! LOL Enjoy








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