Discover a New Season of “THE CATCH” and You’ll be Hooked Interview with Sonya Walger & Executive Producer

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The Catch,” airing THURSDAY, MARCH 23 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) (9:00-10:00 CST), on The ABC Television Network.

The Second season of “The Catch” begins tonight and you can’t miss it. If you’ve watched Season 1 of The Catch and you fell in love your going to be hooked this season and going to love the new direction the writers are taking it. It’s edge of your seat action and anticipation for what happens next. I was hooked in the first 10 minutes of our sneak peak of “The Catch” and you will be too. Discover a new Season of “THE CATCH” and you’ll be hooked. Hooked! Catch! Get it!


Last year I started watching The Catch. Towards the end of the season I found it hard to follow along at some points but really loved the characters and hoped for exciting Season 2. On my #BeOurGuest event Trip we also visited the ABC building and were given a sneak peak into Season 2 of The Catch and I am HOOKED. I love it. I’m so excited for the new twists and turns and anticipating what happens next. This Season is going to be HOT!

I simply hate when people give away spoilers to shows that I’m excited to watch so that’s not going to be something that I’m going to do.


PHOTO Credit/Caption goes to (ABC/Richard Cartwright) GINA TORRES, JOHN SIMM, PETER KRAUSE

The hold your breathe moments that have been added to Season 2 have really got me excited to what’s happening next.  Just when you think you’ve got things figured out and you know what’s going to happen the show switches things up and surprises you that you can only want more.


PHOTO Credit/Caption goes to (ABC/Richard Cartwright) GINA TORRES, JOHN SIMM, PETER KRAUSE

Curious as to what’s going to happen next? I have an inside trailer for you below. You’re going to love this part and you simply won’t believe what happens next. HINT: no hints lol You’ll just have to tune in tonight to see what happens next. “The Catch” will not disappoint.

THE CATCH – “The Dining Hall” – Alice discovers some very hard truths about her brother Tommy and Val is forced to dig into her past in order to help with his case. Meanwhile, relationships are tested as Margot and the AVI team have to navigate their current realities, and Ben and Rhys’ latest con may turn out to be a little too risky, on “The Catch,” airing THURSDAY, MARCH 23 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network.

Q&A with Sonya Walger (“Margot” – and “Penny” from LOST) and Showrunner & Executive Producer Allan Heinberg

We were given an opportunity to interview the very beautiful Sonya Walger who plays “Margot” on The Catch. Some of you may know her as “Penny” from Lost. This interview was a great tie in to my on the set of The CATCH visit from last years Disney press trip.

Interviews are really tricky and there’s things that the cast can reveal and there’s topics they simply can’t touch on.


photo credit: Coralie Hughes Seright

So what is “The Catch”? 

There’s always gonna be a catch. The guy you fall in love with who turns out to be your soulmate- it’s also the guy who stole all of your money and is a career criminal. So, like, in love, it’s never the whole fantasy. There’s always something pulling you back down to Earth. I think a lot of us look at love as an escape from our daily lives.

The Catch is that what real love is, it’s something less romantic and a lot harder to achieve. And so that’s the way we’ve been proceeding it’s like there’s always a catch with these relationships and how do you work it through?

I simply love this answer. It’s true to life and so relate-able and yes relates to the show in so many ways.

Allan Heinberg shared what he was looking for in a series show for Thursday Night. He tells us that he “wanted a sort of lighter, more fun, sexy, fashion forward” show. Because he worked on Sex in the City he sort of miss that. “Smart people talking smartly to each other, wearing amazing clothes, and talking about real love issues like how relationships really work.” He also tells us he hides “Easter eggs” in the episodes so be sure to look for those. Have you seen any?

Connecting with Sonya Walger on a personal Level



I love that Sonya shared a bit of her personal life. It really brought her into perspective and loves stepping out of her role as mother of two and into the glamour of The Catch Wardrobe.

She says, “I’m lucky to get dressed in the morning. Just to be zipped into a thing with heels, and the hair, and it’s glorious. It’s glorious! It just means by the time I’ve been through the works, Margot’s there. Such an enormous part of being a character is having the right look and jewelry, hair, makeup, and things- it really, really is. It’s like zipping on a suit and then, half your work is done. It’s an amazing.”Sonya-W-theCatch

Sonya tells us that there’s so many strong female lead actresses that the male cast is really a little out numbered.

They had so much praise for Peggy Schnitzer who does wardrobe for the cast. I loved hearing them all talk about her and her incredible vision and how she’s on point with each person’s wardrobe. Having met her last year I felt so much closer to knowing how much work Peggy put into her thought for selections for each person.

Changing things up from what they envisioned. Allan Heinberg gives us insight on meeting Sonya.

When Sonya and I met, like, I got the job, and then I met with all the actors one by one, and I said, “Congratulations, you have a new showrunner, and a new character to play. I hope you like it.” So everybody was great. She was especially great because she got it immediately, and pitched me in that first lunch, and I said this, “What if the way that Alice and Margot finally meet is that Margot is pretending to be Alice’s therapist?” Although he loved that idea they had something in the works already and it’s new and exciting. The fans are going to love it.

They constantly bouncing ideas off the writers to see what works and what doesn’t work. A big part is the “degree to which it can grow and change, and it has everything to do with your cast.”

Reinventing the show completely in Second Season

Part of what I think turned people off in the beginning, and this partly our fault, we only had one episode to show people by the time we aired, and so I think everybody thought we were doing “The Fugitive” where it was like, “I don’t wanna see a chase in thirteen episodes.” That makes me tired.

They already have 10 episodes taped and the Second Season is going to be a big.

Season two, we’ve gotta spin everything around, and if we are lucky enough to get a Season Three, we’re gonna do it again. It’s gonna be same characters you love, but new dynamics because I think what happens in TV, and you know this as longtime TV watchers, you get into the same character cycle. Even on Grey’s, part of the reason that I ended up leaving after season six was I could not write another Christina Owen scene. I just couldn’t do that. I felt it paralyzing me and I felt like we were repeating ourselves a lot.


We work really hard on The Catch always spinning the dynamic a little bit, and what two characters have never had a scene together? Let’s try to figure out how to do that and that’s how the season started this season. I really wanted more Margot and Alice, like, what happens when Margo walks in the AVI for the first time. I wanna watch that show, and then Margot ends up hiring the person she was trying to kill seventy-two hours ago.

Sometimes the Characters do get insight information but they are careful on how much information they do offer. Showrunners withhold in order to protect the actor to keep them present in the moment.

Hope you like this interview with with Allan Heinberg and Sonya Walger.

Tune into The Catch Tonight and every Thursday (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) (9:00-10:00 CST), on The ABC Television Network. Your going to Love it. I’m really excited to see where the Second Season goes.

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