Williams Sonoma Cooking Demonstration and Paper Rose Making Beauty and the Beast Themed Event

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Photo credit in this post goes to Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

I love the little extra’s that Disney events adds into trips. In addition to the #BeOurGuestEvent we also went on a little excursion to Williams Sonoma Beverly Hills location for #MyWilliamsSonoma Experience which included a cooking demonstration where the chef prepared Beef Ragu and other delights. We were treated to several tasty dishes including Soup Du Jour, Meat Ragu, Cheese Soufflé, and a refreshing Rose Lemonade.


This is the first time Williams Sonoma has partnered with Disney with this absolutely beautiful and functional piece. The Le Creuset’s limited-edition “Be Our Guest” cookware is  certainly a conversation starter and a pot you’d love to showcase on your stove for guests. Featuring the iconic “red rose” design and an engraved knob with the phrase “Be Our Guest”  and featured with vibrant-blue adds a beautiful hand-painted whimsical touch.


My friend Stefani from Mommy Enterprise posted this great video Demonstration. Go ahead have a look.

We loved watching the cooking demonstration and to see how versatile the Le Creuset Beauty and the Beast soup pot is when cooking the dish. I love that the inside is a light sand-color making it easy to monitor food while good insuring less sticking and burning.  This post is ideal for cooking soup, stew or anything else of that nature. Interested in purchasing the Le Creset Beauty and the Beast


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

This is the finished meal. Cooked in a 4 1/2 qt round dutch oven and serves 4-6 with a total cooking time of 3 hours. The chef simply showed us a few steps and how to get started in the Le Creuset and the smells were simply divine.


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

This dish is made with Italian sausage (casing removed), 2 lb beef chuck roast and a delightful assorted seasonings, and crushed tomatoes. I’ll share the Meat Ragu recipe in another post this evening and link back here.


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

I really liked the light fluffy texture of the Cheese Souffle prepared in a souffle dish. The recipe seems simple with grated Parmesan, Gruyere cheese- grated,  and all-purpose flour and assorted seasoning your guests will love the smooth flavor and taste of it all.


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

This is Squash soup Du Jour. I’ve never had this before and it had an interesting taste. For those of you who love Squash it’s a recipe that only takes 45 minutes to prepare. I’ll share this recipe in a single post as well and post the Squash Soup Du Jour recipe here.  All recipe’s are courtesy of Le Creuset.


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

For a refreshing drink Roses Lemonade was provided. A delightful treat.

Don’t these look divine. Not exactly sure what they were made of but they looked simply delicious so I had to share.


Photo credit Joe Kohen @JoeKohenpix

In addition to the cooking demonstration, we learned how to make Paper Roses! This workshop was provided by Williams Sonoma and they provide crafting experiences and cooking demonstrations for their guests.  Find out more about that here. This particular event was from Hand made by Sara Kim and you can visit her website at www.handmadebysarakim.com for even more crafts just like this.


The instructions were fairly easy and with the supplies provided: Red and green craft paper, glue gun, scissors and a green stem were were able to create Paper Roses. The project was fairly easy and I loved that Sara Kim took time to visit each table to give up close instructions and tips.


Because each one of us cut shapes in unique but similar ways our roses all looked different yet creatively beautiful. The best part about learning craft projects like this is that the finish project gives us pride in something we’ve created. Mine is in the paper cone. I think I did pretty good although I’m thinking I needed another layer.


One thing that I simply have to share is this beautiful display in the store. I immediately saw this table setting and it caught my eye.  It was absolutely gorgeous and such a perfect theme with Easter coming early next month. Look at this beautiful Dinnerware available only at Williams Sonoma. Easter_Dinnerware-WilliamsSonoma-Bunny_Easter

Williams Sonoma is your one stop shop for Premium Cooking and Entertaining essentials and the Le Crueset Beauty and the Beast “Be Our Guest” limited Edition Cookware.

Thanks so much to Williams Sonoma for giving us the opportunity to experience it all. Thank you so much for the Junior Chef Cookbook and hat. My son just loves it. Looking forward to cooking with him.williams_Sonoma_Kids_cookbook

Hope you enjoyed this featured post for Williams Sonoma. Stop in and see the Le Crueset “Be Our Guest” soup pot in person. It’s a limited-edition so don’t waste no time stop in today.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Opens in Theaters This Friday, March 17, 2017!


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