Inside scoop on Andi Mack Before it Aires Tonight on the Disney Channel

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One-hour ANDI MACK Premiere event TONIGHT on Disney Channel on Friday, April 7 (8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., ET/PT)

Let me start off by saying I can’t wait to sit and watch ANDI MACK on the Disney Channel tonight with my kids. I really think they are going to love it and for so many reason’s it’s perfect for Family viewing.

*this interview opportunity was made possible when I attended the #BeOurGuestEvent with Disney. Thoughts added are 100% my own opinion


Andi Mack is a young girl entering her teenage years. She has a crush on a boy and wants to find a way to get noticed by him. The show puts her into situations that many young adults have experienced or are going to experience. There’s twist and turns and things that you’d never expect. The shows mixed with a bit of comedy as well as unexpected emotional moments. It touches on “Adoption” and being a family that can relate this show is close to my heart.

Insight from the Disney Channel on ANDI MACK.

Sneak Peak into an episode of ANDI MACK

A feel good show that makes you smile. The actors are so talented and the family is multicultural which I believe many people can relate. Show touches on Mother daughter relationships and we all know sometimes this can be tough.

Read on to learn what’s so special about this show and it’s cast members with Inside scoop Interviews with Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack) smart, quirky and lovable newly-turned 13 yr old main character of the show, Lilian Bowden (Rebecca “BEX” Mack) free spirited older daughter in the Mack family who returns home for Andi’s 13 birthday to get her life back in order, and Lauren Tom (Cecila Mack) strict in her ways but has unconditional love for her family.


Where the show idea came from?

Show idea came from Terri Minski. She read Jack Nicholson profile that says he was raised with his mother as his sister. She thought it was an interesting show idea.

Lilian Tom says, “This show is so much more real and reflective of what’s going on in the world today.

Lilian Tom points out that for her television didn’t reflect the world she grew up in. She could never be those “perfect white kids” because it never reflected her reality.

I never really thought about that personally but I understand when I hear statements like that. It tears me up because it’s a reality that people can feel that way. Being brought up in a world where we never saw color, race, or ethnicity I always saw people the “same” as me but as I grew up I saw the line that people draw in the sand. It makes me sad but in a reality where there are so many people from different backgrounds and with so much much diversity I hope and pray that as we start blending families that there will be a world one day that see’s no race or color and we’ll all just be “human”. Anyway back to show interviews.

Message for Show Watchers

Terry Minski says, “Television is a great medium for parents and kids to start a conversation”.

This show will open up conversations between family members. Isn’t that what we all want more conversation. Sometimes you never know where conversation can go. Having small conversations with your kids can open up larger conversations in the future. Opening communication is important with our children. Don’t you agree??

Decision to go with a Multicultural Family
Because Andi was already cast before she read for the part Lilan didn’t see the script as anything else but Asian-American family.

Lilian Bowmen says,

“I really saw Andi as the kid that I was when I was growing up, somebody who was trying really hard to please everybody and trying really hard to like figure out my place in the world and dealing.”

Peyton says,

“…different ethnicities and stuff on the show… it just makes the show that much more relatable and exciting. And it’s very different from anything that’s on the air right now. So, I definitely think it’ll be good for people who are like us and who aren’t just your average white kid to be able to see that on the screen.”


Peyton tells us she’s super close to the cast members on screen and off. They do a lot of things together like bowling, dinner, and dancing. They are like family.

Sofia Wylie as Buffy, Joshua Rush as Cyrus, Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi and Asher Angel as Jonah. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodiin)

Sofia Wylie as Buffy, Joshua Rush as Cyrus, Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi and Asher Angel as Jonah. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodiin)

Crafts and her Character Andi Mack

In the show Andi Mack is pretty crafty. She as this club house full of crafts that are pretty creative. We asked Payton if she was just as crafty in real life here’s what she said.

I think that growing up I always loved to do drawings, and arts and crafts and stuff. But I think Andi’s definitely more talented than I am. She has a ton of patience for that little stuff that I don’t have.

But it’s really fun for me to see all of it. And I think definitely you [pointing to Lilan] were incredibly crafty as a little kid. So, she still is.

Other cast member’s share that Peyton did really creative portraits from duct tape for everyone for Christmas. Maybe Peyton may not realize how creative she really is.

Cast is able to add changes to the lines to make things feel more Natural

Peyton says the writers are open to making changes or adding things to make them feel more natural on the set. It makes things truer to what they would do in actual life making it more relatable.

Lilan shares how uniquely advanced Peyton is for her age. While she tells us how special Peyton is

People gotta know and they will. Like, like how uniquely special Peyton is as an actress. This gal is so advanced for her age. When I’m working with her, it’s not like working with a kid. It’s like working with a peer. When we talk about things, and we’re talking about scenes, her brain is working at such a mature level that like we’re not just teaching each other. We’re exploring something together and that’s what I feel made the show such a great experience to be a part of because it really felt like a collaborative process, not just with the writers, not just with the director but like with each other.

I totally see what Lilan is talking about when it comes to Peyton. Peyton certainly is more like talking to an adult than like talking to a teenager. She’s high energy and so vibrant I think we can expect big things from her career. I really think she’s adorable and she’ll be great in so many different types of roles I just see her Career exploding. I think kids are going to love her too.


You’ll notice the competitive relationship and uneasy relationship between LAUREN TOM (Cecilia), LILAN BOWDEN (Bex). In that Cecilia is more of this tiger mom trying to run everything and Lilan just trying to do the right thing that’s right for her. Lauren tells us that she channels her own mom in the show because the relationship is a lot like that what she had with her mother.  She says even thought you may see conflict she says, “I love this girl andI think it’s important for the story, too, to have some of that dramatic conflict going on because, again, that’s also real life. And mother daughter relationships can be, you know, they can be tough.

I love that this show is so relatable for mothers and daughters will see that as well. Being a mother and a daughter myself I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I just can’t help but smile. This show makes me smile.


I can’t wait to see where this season goes for the cast and the show. Looking forward to watching ANDI Mack with the whole family. Tune in tonight for more on Disney Channel on Friday, April 7 (8:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., ET/PT)

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