Talk to Your Teens About Teen Suicide with Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why

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From the moment you find out your pregnant your hopes and dreams for your child are endless. You picture them learning how to walk and talk, graduating from school, family vacations, learning how to drive, getting married and so on. In a perfect world there’d be no hate, no bully’s, no murders or rapes, everyone would tell the truth and no one would set out to destroy another person. People would value life and not think about hurting themselves or ending their life by committing suicide. Suicide is such a difficult subject and it’s hard to discuss but it’s a topic that is covered in the Original Netflix series 13 Reason’s Why.

The fact is that people do commit suicide and leave us all hear to suffer wondering the reason’s why or what could we have done to help them. What was it that we could of done to reach out to them. What could be so bad that they’d take their own life? A Netflix Original covers many of these topics in the Series 13 Reason’s Why.


Opening up conversations all over the world with Teens about Teen Suicide and bullying is Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why. A few weeks ago I binged watched Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. It’s been a popular show that many teens are watching and sharing their thoughts with their friends and it needs to be discussed with their parents. It’s so important to open the lines of communication on Teen Suicide especially because of the way this show was done. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you subscribe to Netflix today and start watching.


A intense series to watch with episode after episode unfolding with teen drama, drinking, sex, lying, bullying, rape, blame, and reflecting on one’s girls thoughts before she commits suicide.

In taking a deeper look at the relationship between parents and teens when it comes to entertainment, some of the findings may surprise you. 83% of parents have watched a show their teen watches and 74% of teens are actually willing to open up and talk to their parents about the shows they watch. With so much potential for conversations about topics like bullying, sex and peer pressure Netflix can be the common ground in your relationship. What will you watch to start the conversation?


Thirteen’s Reason’s Why will touch your heart. It will keep you guessing. It will pull you in. You’ll binge watch episode after episode wanting to know what happens next and in the end you’ll know why but you’ll wonder where else can this series go.  I’m sure there’s alot more to 13 reasons why to come and I can’t wait for the 2nd season.


This series has helped open up the discussion with my teens and it let me in their heart and we shared stories.  I’ve been touched by several people that I knew that committed suicide. We had 2 kids commit suicide my Senior year back in 1987. It wasn’t easy for any of us to handle and we only found out the reason to why that one of the boys committed suicide. The fact is those that commit suicide leave people lost and helpless and this show touches on the impact of people who are left behind but also shows that they contributed to a few of the reason why this young lady felt that she could not handle life anymore.  We talked about ways she could of coped or got help.  Even though they show her reaching out to the school counselor I talked to the girls about other ways to find people to talk to and how I am always here for them and mentioned other people who are also available. Sometimes it’s just nice to know someone is here to listen and protect them.


I’m pretty close to my girls and we talk quite a bit. I have meet their friends and had them over for dinner to talk and you’d be surprised how many of them don’t have parents at home and how many parents are NOT involved in their lives on a daily bases and not there for the important parts. These are the kids I worry about. These are the kids that need an open ear to talk to.  Please be there for your child. Open up the lines of communication and watching Netflix together is a great way to do that.

Subscribe to Netflix and you too can binge watch 13 Reason’s Why today.


disclosure: I’m a 2017 NETFLIX STREAM TEAM MEMBER sharing my thoughts on shows that my family and I love to watch. I receive a yearly Netflix subscription to stream movies we love and gifts from time to time but I’ve been a customer of NETFLIX for well over 10 years.

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5 Responses

  1. Yona Williams says:

    I watched this on Netflix, and it really kept my attention. I think it did an excellent job of portraying what it can be like to live life as a teen.

  2. elcane desir says:

    I was a teen myself and from experience it is so hard to open up to your parents about the issues u face in this new world only love and support will carry them through

  3. shelly peterson says:

    I’m going to have to watch this with my son. This is an important subject to talk about.

  4. Cynthia R says:

    Several people have told me I have got to see this movie. Heard so much buzz about it. Definitely plan on putting it on the binge to watch list.

  5. rochelle haynes says:

    This sounds great need to talk to your teens about this