Busy Day? Wind Down with Netflix

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disclosure: I’m a Netflix Streamteam Member. I receive a year of Netflix and a few perks to share what my family loves and watches all year long.

I’ve been driving nonstop Mom taxi for weeks. I’m exhausted. Between the last few weeks of school, baseball camps, baseball practice, Baseball games and local World Series game series I think I spent more times at the ball field for my two boys than I’ve spent sleeping.  


The truth is although I love it I look forward to sitting down at night with a drink and wind down with Netflix.

Binge watching is the best when you can find a show you love. I’ve settled in on Shameless which was on high reference from friends. The show is based out of Chicago so I recognize some of the locations they did filming. Not only is this show hysterical but it’s an Oscar Nominated Series going into their 8th season and you can watch Seasons 1-7 on Netflix right now.  that means 87 episodes to enjoy.


This series touches on topics like drunk fathers, biopolar mothers,  gay brothers, teenage pregnancy, a sister that tries to keep the family together while having trouble making sense of her own life and having sex with every guy she comes in counter with.  This show is not for hours when the kids are awake. Much like another show I watch that just added another season Orange is the New Black.

Orange is the New Black series is entering it’s 5th Season and is a NETFLIX Original. Which means you can only catch it on Netflix.


Netflix Originals are truly my favorite. So many shows and so little time to catch everything available. I’m waiting on pins and needles for STRANGER THINGS Season 2. I can’t wait to see what they put together for us for this season. I absolutely Binge watched the first season in less than 3 days and I tell you it’s super suspenseful and crazy good! A must see!!


If you don’t have NETFLIX Get it. You can watch at home or on the go. On a tablet, smartphone, television, Xbox… so many different ways to stream your favorite shows. I’ve been streaming Netflix for years before I became a StreamTeam member. My family simply get through the year without.

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Netflix is so affordable and great for the family. We love it. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. shelly peterson says:

    Binge watching on Netflix sure sounds like a good way to wind down and relax. One of these days I will sing up for it.