Little League Baseball! We Won the Playoffs! Next is World Series Best of 3 Games

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Many of my nights and most of my weekends are spent at the Baseball field watching my boys play. This year my youngest is on Mustang Diamond Backs. It’s been a great season so far and this week we’ll be headed into the playoffs undefeated. This is only the second season both my boys have played baseball and their skill level is a bit behind for the division they are in, but comparable to some of the kids their age, so it’s not too bad.


Last year my youngest was hit by a pitch 8 times in Pinto division. So far this year he’s only been hit 5 times: 2 balls to the face and the rest to various areas on his body: back, ankle, leg. Thankfully no damage he’s just fine.

It’s been a pretty exciting year for both my boys.

My youngest son’s team – Diamond Backs are currently in 1st place going into the playoffs. Coach just gave him the opportunity to pitch yesterday. He’s been asking all season, practicing to prepare to pitch in the backyard and he was just super excited to be able to get out there and throw the ball from the mound.


Considering it’s his first time up there I think he didn’t do too bad. He walk 3 players, got 2 outs, and only 3 runs scored before he hit a player and the coach pulled him out.


I’ve seen many of our players hit other players as well as been hit by pitchers and coaches still let them continue but perhaps he had other reasons to pull him.  It was one of the saddest moments for him and it broke my heart. He was crying and now thinks he stinks at baseball and wants to quit.

It’s one of the hardest things to help your child stay positive even when what you say to him in the moment never feels quite like the right words. The good news is at this age I still call the shots. Playing up in the division because of his age was never something I was comfortable with. More than half the kids on his team have already turned 11 or are turning 11 very soon. My guy just turned 9 and is only in the 3rd grade while team mates are moving into the 6th grade. How is that even leveled skills or fair?


For even better news yesterday we won the game against the Braves 6 – 4. It was certainly a battle and so bitter sweet to win. The coach of the other team constantly yelled at the kids, micro-coaching everything they did, it was just too much.

The win was certainly what we needed to get into the best of three WORLD SERIES. The kids are super excited and my son is loving baseball again and this is going to be a great game we can’t wait to see. The games start Tomorrow morning 10a.m

The World Series for Westside is only for in house teams of Oak lawn, but it’s big for these boys and oh so exciting.

In other news we are going to play Fall Ball starting at the end of August and since he’s only 9 the kids who are in the Pinto division will be moving up and he’ll be playing ball with kids his age and comparable talent. This will be easier for him and not to mention help boost his confidence for next season.


Thanks for stopping by Watch for the final announcement of the World Series update. EXCITING!!

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This is so good for our little ones. He looks like a pro out there. You should be proud. Thank you for sharing

  2. shelly peterson says:

    Sounds like a pretty good season even with hits by he ball and being pulled from pitching. It will be good he will be playing with kids his age next season. My son played baseball this year, wasn’t so good at it but he still had fun playing and I enjoyed watching him play.