A PJ Masks “Time to Move!” Dance Party #PJMASKS #Pjmaskstimetomove

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I'm a PJ Masks Ambassador sharing our thoughts and excitement about PJ Masks. We have been compensated with products to share with our readers.

I’m a PJ Masks Ambassador sharing our thoughts and excitements about PJ Masks. We have been compensated with products to share with our readers.

As PJ Masks “Time to be a Hero” Live On Stage approaches this weekend the kids are really excited.  They keep asking me how many more days and how many more sleeps.  Well tomorrow is the big day here in Chicago so if you live in Chicago this Sept 30 and October 1st is the day! As a PJ Masks Blogger I am here to share some new and exciting PJ Masks products coming to retail shelves near you just in time for the Holidays.

PJ Masks-timetomove

Did you hear that PJ Masks says it’s “Time to Move” and time to dance – with PJ Masks! My kids love music and my grandson included. He’s a huge fan of PJ Masks and I can’t wait to see his face when we are sitting in the audience and he see’s them on stage right before his eyes. It’ll be a whole new experience for sure.  His Birthday is just two weeks away so a musical dance celebration is coming just in time.

We’re so excited for “Time to Be a Hero” campaign with the SUPER “PJ Masks: Time to Move” dance party! Get getting ready to rock with your the kids and were all super excited.  We received a great package that included a PJ Masks ukulele and PJ Masks microphone. These fun instruments are the perfect tools we needed to make our own music.

A dance party wouldn’t be complete without music, so please check out the official PJ Masks YouTube channel for all the toe-tapping  singalong music videos . Check out the lyric sheets on the official website, too: http://pjmasks.com

The kids love singing along and playing their instruments to this fun Singalong with PJ Masks! Gather the kids and go ahead and play it for them. Watch them try to sing along and have a whole lot of fun. My grandson was super excited and couldn’t wait to open the box.



My 9 yr old was ready jump in and play the PJ Masks ukulele. He said it reminded him of a guitar and he was ready to jam out.


The two of them together had a fun musical good time. As soon as my guy started playing the PJ Masks ukulele my grandson was ready to sing on the microphone. Such a fun microphone, too.


Music is a great way to have fun and entertain and when kids love PJ Masks they can sing and dance all day and night long to the songs they know and love with their favorite PJ Masks tunes.

Find the PJ Masks Microphone: and the PJ Masks Ukulele at a retailer near you.

Return month after month for exciting posts on these topics. Even more to come in 2018!!

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2 Responses

  1. Julie Wood says:

    My kids would love these toys for Christmas. I daughter loves to sing, and the microphone looks like a fun toy for her to play with!

  2. Sara Zielinski says:

    THis looks like a great TV show and movie.