Car Seat Safety and Proper Installation with #CarsDotComSafety Tips

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It’s National Child Passenger Safety Week is your car seat properly installed? Installation of a car seat can be confusing especially for first time parents. The new 2017 cars are now coming equipped with better safety features for installing car seats. So much has changed where car seat installation is concerned and that why has provided really great tips and a demonstration during a 2 hour event   I attended on Tuesday last week right here in Chicago.

Most of the cars below rated highly on the installation car seat safety list but one of them did poorly because of where the tether anchor was placed. The other cars scored high on installation options and they were really impressive. We had a car seat installation expert walk us to each vehicle and share in detail just why they rated high and which vehicle rated poorly and why. The information may surprise you and it can certainly make you rethink your choice of a vehicle for car seat Child passenger safety.


We were really anxious to see exactly what the 2017 vehicles were offering in Car seat passenger safety. I own a 2016 Chevy Tahoe and I do see a few differences in the car seat installation and tethering from the 2002 model we owned and the difference’s between the vehicle I now own and these were surprising too. These vehicles really impressed me.


We separated into groups and partnered with a Installation Expert who took us to each vehicle and shared his knowledge on in the installation of car seat’s and answered all our questions.


Our expert went into detail on the installation of a infant car seat, toddler car seat, and convertible car seats. The proper use of using a tether and the proper use of using the anchor and when and when not to use the seat belt when installing a car seat.


Our child safety seat installation expert got right in the vehicle to show us the tethering system and how anchoring the car seat properly is so important. We want to make sure our children are as safe as they can be in a car.

Should you be involved in a car accident proper installation is the key to your insuring your child’s safety.


The tethering system on a car seat can be installed on a rear anchor system that can usually be found behind a head rest below the rear window. Usually you can see the anchor but sometimes there is a cover over it. You’ll need to flip that up to expose the anchor and use the tether to clip it in.


The other anchor system has a floor anchor and usually is clipped into or inserted. I found this unusual because I have never seen a lower tether system like this hidden in the seat. This one was located in the seat and hidden under a flap.


**Be sure to check your car seats Manuel for proper installation.


I love the part that of the event where I was able to catch a quick demonstration on Car seat installation.

Are you installing your car seat correctly? Watch this demonstration I shared on Instagram to find out.

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Two other car seats that were covered were the infant car seat and the convertible car seat which is typically for older children because it can be converted to a booster.

The AAP recommends that children remain rear facing up to 2 years of age in the back seat and until they outgrow the car seat. It is the safest position for them upon impact from a car accident.


For the infant car seat is is important to make sure that the level bubble is in the center if not the adjustment bar can be lifted or a pool noodle can be trimmed and tucked in to provide that lift you need to adjust to the proper height.

By looking at the convertible car seat you can see the proper installation done on the side view of the photo above. See how it is inserted through the red clip on the side of the headrest? The car seat buckle  must be inserted through here in order to provide proper and secure safe travel for kids typically up to 8 yrs old.

Please check car seat for proper weight and height limits and purchase and use according to directions. If your car seat has a tether and your automobile has an anchor you should be using it. It’s very important to do so and not ignore the car seat safety precautions.

Involved in a Car Accident? 

If you are ever involved in a car accident please dispose of the car seat and purchase a new one.  There’s no way of knowing if your car seat was damaged in the impact and so for this reason it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Want to know if your car passed the Carseat check? Visit for more information. Check out the vehicles that made the carseat Honor Roll on


They say you learn something new every day. I hope this information on Car seat Safety check was informative. I know I learned a few things I didn’t know.

A big thank you to the staff and PR Reps for inviting me to this great event and for providing me with a delicious lunch and a delightful goodie bag as well as compensation for my time to promote and trip into the city. It was an honor to be invited.

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  1. Sara Zielinski says:

    Car seat safety is very important and should be a priority.

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    It’s so important to know how to use the car seat and to pick a quality car seat for your child

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