Kap It Bottle Flipping Game Fun for Everyone

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Kids of all ages are flipping bottles. They are bottle flipping on the side lines of Basketball games, Soccer games, Baseball games and more. They are flipping bottles at house parties and at home. Two dads who coached a Baseball team while the whole team flipped bottles during the game decided to start a tournament at the end of the game if the boys would hold off to flip bottles and Kap It was born.


Providing a structured Game of Bottle flipping in a structured form that the whole family can play. KAP IT comes complete with bottles and a sound absorbing mat that helps to absorb some of the bottle flipping noise that makes us all crazy. I brought the Kap It Game  home from ChiTag 2017 Chicago last week and since my boys had off all week from school this was the perfect time to visit friends to play.

Can you Kap It?? Kids are still going at it hours later #ad @kapitgame review! avail. On Amazon.com

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To begin Playing Kap it you start off by filling the bottles with water up to the line of the label. This will give you the best balance for flipping.


Then you get the mat and begin bottle flipping to land on the cap. You only get points when you bottle lands on the cap and in the appropriate game circle labeled for points. Kids loved the concept of earning points and it’s great competition. This is probably the longest time my boys have played together and there wasn’t an argument.


We took Kap It Game to a friends house to add to the fun. It was a hit. Bottle flipping alone is okay but playing Kap It Game and earning points for your flipping is a whole lot of fun. These boys had a lot of laughs and they loved playing for points.  The only complaint they had is that there were only 2 bottles that came with the game so only 2 people could flip at a time. If you know boys they all want to flip all day, every day, every minute of the day. Kap It Bottle flipping game takes bottle flipping competition to a whole new level. Kids Love it!!


Contents of Box: 2 Bottles and Game Mat. Instructions on how to play.


Price: $19.99

Available for purchase at www.Amazon.com (for $29.99) or www.KapitGame.com ($19.99)

Kap It has recently been featured on FOX and CBS Network as well as the Chicago  Toy and Game Fair Chitag. Kap It Bottle flipping game makes a great gift for children of all ages.

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  1. shelly peterson says:

    My son would love this game. He is always flipping bottles.

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