NETFLIX Original STRANGER THINGS 2! A Must See along with Beyond Stranger Things! #StrangerThings2

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We absolutely loved Stranger Things when it came out on Netflix last year. We anticipated Stranger Things 2 for such a long time we never thought that it would finally make its arrival to Netflix. Stranger Things 2 has so many mixed reviews on the internet I just wanted to share our thoughts in hopes that you’d love Stranger Things just as much as we do.

Seems like I've been waiting forever for Stranger Things Season 2 to return to Netflix. Now it's almost here!

I’m a Netflix Streamteam Ambassador sharing our love for Netflix Original Series and shows on Netflix

Stranger Things reminds me of so many movies I loved for ages. Movies like The Goonies, Gremlins, Poltergeist, X Files. Stranger Things reminds me of my childhood in the 80’s. From cell phone’s on walls and childhood days of Trick or Treating and friends playing Dungeon’s and Dragons you’ll find that Stranger Things brings the nostalgia of the 80’s to life in this Netflix Original Movie.

Stranger Things 2 which is the second season of Stranger Things features one of my favorite Actresses Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers) who lives in a small town in Indiana (which really close to Illinois- where I live) with her family. Her 12 year old son mysteriously goes missing and it launches a terrifying investigation. Things don’t pan out but the strangest thing is that Joyce makes a connection with her son through electrical surges in the Christmas lights and through strange phone calls.

The great thing about this series is the kids. These child actors are incredibly talented and take you on adventure that your kids will absolutely be mystified by. They will start asking questions and want to watch one episode after another awaiting to find out what happens next. Friends on an adventure meet up with a girl they find that has mysterious mind powers. This alone is incredibly exciting and you won’t believe what she can do. Her name is ELEVEN which totally leaves it open to the mystery of where’s 1 -10?


The world that is opened by this girls minds powers is now invading and crossing over into the small town. They call it the Upside Down. The Upside Down is strangely like nothing you’ve ever seen before which is really where the Stranger Things comes from. Shadow Monsters and D I am hoping to see this series continue and my kids and I have been watching these episodes together. Stranger Things and Stranger Things Season 2 has layers upon layers of sci-fi and horror fun that’s okay for kids to watch. There is one line that I keep hearing from the one boy that cracks up my 9 yr old son and although I don’t care to repeat it… if that’s the worst thing my son hears I’m okay with that. There are a few other really scary scene’s in the second season for him but most of the time he’ll turn his head and ask me to tell him when it’s over. As long as he’s watching it with me so I can monitor what’s going on in the movie then I believe it’s okay he continues to watch it.  I do really love his concern for the characters which shows me he’s connecting with them and I believe this will be a series from his childhood that he will remember and tell his friends about for years to come.


He worries about Eleven when she disappears at the end of Season One and couldn’t wait to start Season two. I love that he wants recognizes that Eleven and Mike have a connection and how close all the kids are and that they spend a lot of time together. This is the type of relationships I want for my son. Friends good friends that do things together and protect eachother.

The relationship between Hopper and Eleven or El for short as the kids started calling her is really heartwarming but takes a stranger turn when she starts getting angry that he’s keeping her in the house and not letting her see her friends because he doesn’t want anyone to find her and take her back to the labs for testing. He tries to protect her and she just keeps asking to see Mike. My son gets so sad for her that Hopper doesn’t even allow her to go trick or treating but soon realizes the magnitude of Eleven’s powers and what she can do.

I’m sure this can be taken so much further and the fact that she can put a blind fold on and reach people where ever they are in her minds eye is really a great twist in this film but when you see these visions disappear you can’t help but wonder what is going to happen next.


This is a NETFLIX Original that you should not watch before watching Stranger Things 2. It reveals spoilers.  After Binge watching Stranger Things 2 be sure to Tune into BEYOND STRANGER THINGS on Netflix. This Netflix Original is where cast and guests discuss Stranger Things and the latest episodes and things you may have missed while watching. It’s great how it brings things to your attention that you might of otherwise missed.

I really love this up close and personal chat with the characters. It gives you an idea of their characters and who they are in real life. We have to remember these are kid actors who play parts and try to keep the storyline in line so that you have the best experience possible. You’ll hear their little secrets and how they got through certain scene’s and you’ll even laugh along with the characters.

I can’t say enough great things about Stranger Things and Stranger Things 2. If you have not Subscribed to NETFLIX or have Netflix and Have yet to watch it I urge you to take a few days and sit down and start watching these series. It’s really awesome and I just know you’ll fall in love with these characters and their relationships with eachother and will anticipate Stranger Things Season 3 Just like we do. I’m already going through Binge watching withdrawls and thinking Season 3 won’t be airing until sometime next year but I just know it’s going to be worth the wait.

A few questions I’m left with in regards to Romance… will Hopper and Joyce ever get together as a couple. Will Nancy and Johnathan realize they are meant to be together. Who are Billy and Mad Max and why did they come to Hawkins?


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