Top 3 Picks from the Chicago Toy and Game Fair #CHITAG2017

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Chicago is really and incredible place to live and I love that such fabulous events like the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is held right here in Chicago at our very own Navy Pier. ChiTag has been popular to the locals ever since I can remember. It’s a great place to see and experience Toys and Games that are out in the market today and to get a lot of great idea’s for Holiday Gift giving. Kids of all ages love to come and play and me and my family are no exception. The Chicago Toy and Game fair is open to the Public as well as to local Bloggers to connect with brands. Here are my top 3 picks from Chitag2017.


I have to say that this is really difficult to select just three products that I really loved. I have thought long and hard on this one and shared so many really great products on Twitter and Instagram that I’m simply going to ask my kids to help me chose because the decision is too hard for one person.

ULTRA DASH by PlayMonster

Ultra Dash by PlayMonster is an on your feet and get moving game. It’s incredibly fun and passed and my kids love it. Get kids off the electronics and having fun on their feet with a friendly game of competition timed fun.


You’ll set out your targets and design your course. Press the button on the tagger to select the game and race the course to match the colors that light up on the tagger to win the game. This game requires you to be on your feet and moving to each target to match colors. You can play a Beat the Clock, Relay Race or Target Tally. You can play alone or against eachother or even teams. This game is a whole lot of fun and it’s so affordable. Great game for gift giving. For ages 5 and up


BUY IT: Toys R Us $ 14.99 / Playmonster $24.99 / $5.88 *prices as of today (11/27/2017 are subject to change)


For my 2nd favorite pick at CHITAG was Sphero products. My favorite was the Spider-Man by Sphero. This little guy was super cool and I could just see my son falling in love with him. Although the Lightening Mc Queen was an equal 2nd I simply have to chose Sphero voice Interactive Spider-man app enabled. My son favorite Super Hero is Spider-Man and the conversation that you can have with Spider-Man is almost endless. Join forces with Spider-Man as his heroic ally. He’ll share stories, kid friendly jokes, guard your room and more! This crime fighter is ready for action and game playin.


Here’s a video from Sphero that will show you his capabilities

Super cool right. I think he’s awesome and think he’d look amazing under the Christmas tree. Perfect gift for any Spider-Man lover.

BUY IT: BEST BUY $99.99 / Bed Bath and Beyond $99.99 / Toys R US $124.99

BONUS: The Interactive Lightening McQueen is also very cool. He has interactive conversation and drives drifts, plays games and gets ready for the next big race. His mouth and eyes moves when he talks and he’s almost mesmerizing. I think kids would sit and talk to him for hours. He is touch activated and ready for action.

Love love love #lighteningmcqueen by @sphero he is Super cool #ChiTag2017 @chitagweek #playeveryday #Sphero

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For my third pick from ChiTag2017 Merge Cube by Merge. The Merge Cube is great for on the go travel and play anyway. It’s virtual reality Hologram in the palm of your hand. This new to the market technology with AR, VR and mixed Reality play for kids or adults. Works with ioS or Android apps. This virtual reality offers Games, music, educational content, experiences and 360 video’s. A virtual world Hologram that kids are super excited to explore.


We experienced the Merge Cube at ChiTag2017. Such a fantastic and amazing experience. As you can see the app downloaded on the tablet gives the visual appearance of the cube in a whole new light. You can turn the cube and see the other side.


For use with or without VR/AR Goggles


BUY IT: Target $14.99 / Best Buy $14.99 / Walmart $9.00 /Amazon $12.99

We love attending the Chicago Toy and Game fair. This year my two younger boys were sick and my daughter had speech tournament to go to so unfortunately they weren’t able to attend with me. I had a great time and loved seeing all the great products out and new products hitting the market.

Thank you CHITAG2017 for inviting me to attend. I had a great time.

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3 Responses

  1. shelly peterson says:

    These are some pretty cool products. most of these I have never seen before. What a great event to attend.

  2. Sara Zielinski says:

    This looks like a great event to experience some new toys.

  3. XmasDolly says:

    WHOA!!!! Talk about high tech… but then you’re talking to a woman that grew up in the horse & buggy days at least that’s what my grandkids think I’m sure! LOL Out of all of these…. Dear Santa, Please bring me the Spiderman Robot woo hoo.. he’s so cool!!! He talks to you, plays games, tells you the time… I mean he’s just too GREAT!!! HAHAHA No child will ever play alone again. This fair really had it all and so much! Very cool and thanks so much for sharing!!! Great Post…. especially for this time of year!

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