2017 Holiday Gift Guide! Did it Make Our List

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There’s still plenty of time to be featured on the Night Owl Mama 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.  For more details please contact me at nightowlmamablogs at gmail.com

I’ve added things to this list that my boy’s ages 9 and 12 have asked for on their Christmas lists. Some items on this list may have been sent to me for review and promotion.

**We will be adding items as the Holiday gets closer so be sure to bookmark and check back in.**

(if you’d like to be featured on this list please contact me asap)

In an effort to get kids off electronics we’ve decided to focus on “Game Night” for kids. We invite kids over for fun with games no electronic’s allowed and it gives them time to have face to face conversations, fun and build friendships. The kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Perfect for Stocking Stuffing or just that extra lil’ something

Wonder Balls!

Milk Chocolate with Candy, stickers, and surprises!

Find them at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot and other retailers near you.


* ~ * Games, Games and More Games * ~ *

Ultra Dash

Gas Out

Kap It

                Ages  6+                     Ages  5+            For Ages

Bounce Off

Squak by Mattel

See Your Product Here

        Ages 7+   2-4 players                   Ages 5+

WOWWee Robotic Dinosuar 

BeyBlades Burst

Nerf gun – buy 2 perfect for boys and dads

                   Ages 8+                    Ages 8+                 Ages 8+

See Your Product here

See Your Product Here

See Your Product Here

             Ages                     Ages                   Ages

~ * ~ Gifts for Tweens and Teens  ~ *~

Disney Minecraft Story Mode

Merge Cube

Interactive Spiderman

 For Xbox, Wii, PS3 /Ages                     Ages 8+

Go Pro Action Camera

Wheel Brightz available in other colors

Go Brightz

                  All Ages                     All Ages                   All Ages

* * Gifts For Her * *

* * Gifts For Him * *

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  1. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    This gift guide is very helpful. I still have some shopping to do.

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