Count Down to Our Top 12 Favorite NETFLIX Picks of the Year

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For the past 12 months we’ve been sharing our Love for Netflix right here on the Night Owl Mama and on Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter with the hashtag #streamteam. We love sharing what we are watching in the moment to inspire your movie watching. My whole family loves Netflix and typically on any one day we have alteast 2-3 devices streaming. Did you know you are allowed to stream on more than one device?? Yes, you can with the Netflix right plan.


There’s 12 Months in a year and here’s our 12 Picks for must see Netflix!


Stranger Things! If you haven’t heard about Stranger Things you’ve been living under a rock. Stranger Things 2 just aired their second season on Netflix and it’s the buzz all over the Internet and among friends and family. Want to know more. Read up in my review of Stranger Things. The whole family loves it and is looking forward to Season 3!


#2 Bey Blades Metal Fusin /Bey Blades Burst

This show has captured my son’s attention and has him ready to battle with Bey Blades of his own. He’s pt down the remote controllers and the electronic’s for semi Old fashion top spinning Bey Blades rip cord spinning fun.


#3 ATypical

One of my very favorite shows ATypical aired in July/August and I highly recommend it. Most of us either know someone with autism or have heard of someone that knows someone with Autism. Netflix Original ATypical is honestly one of the most refreshing, honest, and down to earth sitcom’s that will have you wanting more and more. ATypical is a heartfelt comedy’s with a autism spectrum view. It’s about a 18 yr old boy named Sam who is on the autism spectrum.


#4 Netflix Original 13 REASONS WHY

I can’t never express enough how incredibly original Netflix Original’s can be. I love the content, creativity of the shows and the variety. With that being said 13 Reasons why has spark conversations among parents and teens and teens with each other. It blew up the internet and the talk was all over Facebook and twitter and a topic during most family meals with teenagers. Want to know more before you tune in read my review of 13 Reasons why and decide.



Introduce your children to the fun and music be sure to tune into to Beat Bugs and enjoy the music of the Beatles. My youngest loves this show and it’s super cute and enjoyable to watch together. You’ll find your self singing along while you watch.


#6 Breaking the Magicians Code.

I can’t count down our Favorite Netflix shows without adding my daughters favorite show filled with Magic Magicians and Card Tricks. Breaking the Magicians Code has all of us mystified and ready to learn how they did the trick. It’s really pretty neat to watch and sparks a lot of conversation.


#7 Narcos

Not sure what my husbands obsession was with Pablo Escabar but this series NARCOS was his favorite to watch. It has subtitles in English so you can follow along but the whole shows in Spanish. If you know anything about Pablo Escabar he was a very famous, rich, drug dealer so if any of those topics interest you tune in.



I followed the feed of this show called Shameless and found my self wrapped up in a show that I’d never allow my kids to watch. This show is a late night adults only… filled with a whole lot of eye poppin, draw dropping content. But I love it not only because it’s filmed right here in Chicago but it’s a whole lot of O. My. God I can’t believe they wrote that in the script and filmed it, I can’t stop laughing and never fails to shock me.


#9 Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is on it’s 4th Season and going on to season 5 in 2018! Netflix Original Series that follows Piper Chapman after she’s been arrested and spends time in a minimum women’s-security prison. The part that I really love the most about this show is that you connect with each one of the inmate’s and learn how they ended up in prison and the relationships and connections that each one of them make with eachother. You’ll get drawn in and want more.


#10  Christmas Inheritance

The perfect cuddle under your  blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or glass or wine and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere movie. This delightful movie is one I hope to watch year after year.   It’s a beautiful story about growing up and really seeing the good in people and seeing the good in yourself. The Christmas Inheritance is a Netflix Original. You can only see it on Netflix.

#11 A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m not sure what it is about this show but at first I thought this show is so strange but the more you watch it the more you want to know what happens next to the three orphans who investigate their parents mysterious death. They unfortunately are in the custody of guardian who will do anything he can to get his hands on their inheritance. From a best selling books by Lemony Snickeys A series of Unfortunate Events will intrigue and amuse you.

#12 Troll Hunters Tails of Arcadia

Troll Hunters Tails of Arcadia a teenager find an amulet that turns him into the Troll hunter and finds secret trolls beneath the city go on a new adventure every episode. This is one of my son’s favorites

Wait that’s not all. Keep the kids excitement under control until the ball drops this New Year Eve with nine on-demand New Year’s countdowns you can make the special moment happen anytime the kids want to celebrate (like at 8p so you can get them to bed at a decent hour).
Fan favorites like Trollhunters, Skylanders Academy, Larva, True and Rainbow Kingdom and more are available starting December 26 on

And I can’t forget to mention the BRAND NEW magic from DreamWorks Animation Television with Home for the Holidays!

Based on the popular Netflix original animated series, Home Adventures with Tip & Oh, the Home for the Holidays special finds Oh experiencing his very first Christmas on earth. Unfamiliar with any of these human traditions, Tip does her best to explain Christmas to Oh and they decide to bring the holiday magic to Boovsland. When the Boovs’ unfounded enthusiasm and outlandish interpretation of Christmas wreak havoc and threaten to ruin the holiday for everyone on Earth, Tip and Oh have to get help from some special new friends to save the Season! Kelly Clarkson plays an animated version of herself and sings “Oh Holy Night” as well as “Christmas is a Feeling.” Ben Schwartz joins the merriment as an animated version of himself, singing “Eight Days of Latkes” spreading the joy of Hanukkah. Through unforgettable Christmas classics in addition to new holiday songs – Tip and Oh learn that what matters most during the holidays is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when surrounded by your loved ones!

What are you Watching on NETFLIX this holiday season?

Are you a Netflix subscriber? If not …. Why Not? Drop the cable remote and set up your smart tv, tablet, smart device and download the NETFLIX app today to get started. You’ll love the selections and Netflix is always adding new content for you and your family to view.

I’m a Member of the Netflix Streamteam and receive 1 yr complementary Netflix as well as monetary gifts to share what we are watching on Netflix. We have been Members of Netflix for over 10 years before becoming a NETFLIX StreamTeam member and this is just a great bonus for my family to be able to share our love of shows we watch everyday in hopes you give Netflix a try.

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  1. Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life says:

    LOVED Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why! I’ve also been watching The Ranch (I know, I know), and a few things that aren’t Netflix originals, like Charmed and Jane The Virgin. I started Christmas Inheritance, but I didn’t finish it yet. I may do that on Christmas.

    Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

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