Spark Creativity and Create with PJ Masks Magna-Doodle, Coloring Book from Crayola and More

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I’m a PJ Masks Ambassador sharing exciting products and happenings with PJ MASKS. Thoughts included in this post are my own opinion. Products were provided but no other compensation was given.

The holidays are so busy seem’s like there’s always something for me to do. I hardly have a minute to entertain my son. So I called upon the PJ Masks to do that for me. It’s time to create with PJ Masks. I was sent 3 really great, fun, and entertaining products that will keep my son busy and engaged with his favorite characters from PJ Masks.

PJ Masks Magna-Doodle
Mold ‘n Play from Cra-Z-Art
PJ Masks coloring book from Crayola
PJ Masks Super Art Studio from Skyhigh

Entertain your child’s imagination and creativity with PJ Masks. I love that these three products spark kids creativity and keeps them entertained for hours. It’s very rate that things other than electronic’s can accomplish this much. My son had a great time with all these products. They are perfect for Gift giving.


My son couldn’t wait to get the PJ Masks Magna-Doodle open first. He said it’s be great on car rides and helping him with some where to practice his Cursive. He just started handwriting in class this week and I’m not sure who’s more excited me or him. It’s been almost a good 10 years since they taught handwriting in school and he’ll be the first of my kids (other than my oldest) to learn handwriting in school.


The Magna Doodle comes with magnets in the shape of PJ Masks masks. There’s also a writing utensil that is attached on a short string so it stays with the tablet. He started to draw something when I snapped this photo. Then I was told not to look so he can finish his creation. It’s funny how kids can get so secretive about things he makes me laugh. For now I’m going to continue on with the other products and I’ll get back to the PJ Masks Magna-Doodle after a bit.

PJ Masks Magna Doodle Travel size is available at Toys R Us for $9.99



Mold ‘n Play from Cra-Z-Art


Cra-Z-Art Mold N’ Play Pj Masks is sold at Toys R Us $14.99

Mold N’ Play with Cra-Z-Art softie dough with 3D PJ MASKS figure maker is perfect for PJ Masks fans. Featuring 4 molds for making 4 characters from PJ Masks and cut outs to add to the fun. It’s crazy how long it’s been since we sat down to make things with dough. Life has been so busy and electronic’s have become such a convenience for keeping kids busy that we forget about the creative outlets like making things with dough.


I loved my son’s expression when he made his first softie dough impression with Mold N’ Play Softie Dough. I hadn’t realized he hasn’t played with anything like this since he’s been really little. I can’t wait for my grandson to come over and we make some fun PJ Masks characters together I think he too is going to love it.


PJ Masks coloring book from Crayola

I just love the makers of Crayola. They always come up with really fun and creative products that kids and parents just love. Crayola Color Wonder offering mess free creativity with crayola color wonder markers and coloring book offers all the fun with markers on paper with none of the mess on your clothes or your walls.


PJ MASKS Crayola Color Wonder is sold at Target $7.29 / Toys R Us $8.99 and other retailers near you!

My grandson loves to color with markers and with PJ Masks Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free coloring books he can color until his hearts content. Of course being 3 yrs old we don’t expect him to be Picasso but he certainly can be the making of one.


I loved his excitement watching the colors blend on the paper and he just loved watching his PJ Masks characters fill with color on the page before him. This is great practice for him holding markers and coloring pages will help strengthen his fingers to be able to write his name and begin to learn the alphabet and numbers once he starts preschool later next year.



PJ Masks Super Art Studio with over 1100 pieces that includes an ART PAD, Stickers, 8 Markers, 12 Crayons, 2 Jumbo Color in Foam Stickers and so much more. The perfect gift idea for kids 3+.   Filled with colored Alphabet stickers so kids can put together their name, or perhaps their own PJ Masks story on the sticker scene board. Kids will find great fun with this Super Art studio an art studio that will keep kids entertained and engaged for hours.

PJ MASKS Super Art Studio is sold on for $29.99

Walmart $37.09   /  ebay with free shipping $19.99  /


Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed these Gift ideas from PJ MASKS. Be sure to stop by again soon. I have another round up coming for you!!


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