Show Love to PJ Masks Fans with these great PJ Mask Products

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I’m a PJ Masks Ambassador sharing exciting products and show announcements about PJ Masks. Thoughts are 100% my own opinion.

With the all new season of PJ MASKS in full swing PJ Masks fans are loving the new episodes more than ever. We can’t sit in front of the television and watch PJ Masks all day so why not pick up some fun products for the times when they can keep busy on their own. I was sent a few fun products to share with my grandson. You should of seen his face light up when he saw them.

Time to Play-blue

PJ Masks is an exciting action packed super hero series for kids so it’s only natural that these fun and exciting characters bring life into your home.

  • PJ Masks exclusive Catboy vs. Night Ninja Rival set from Just Play
  • PJ Masks winter hat/glove set
  • PJ Masks blanket
  • “Gekko Saves Christmas” book


PJ Masks CatBoy vs’ Night Ninja Rival 2-Pack


These two characters provided great funtime play for my grandson. He loved that they were the perfect size for his 3 yr old hands and he’s was about to start an adventure of his very own.


These characters are pose-able with movable arms and legs. They are the perfect size for heroic adventures and play with other Pj Masks toys.


PJ Masks Plush Blanket is available at Target for only $23.99. 90 in x 60 in


This super soft blanket features your favorite characters Owlette, Gekko and Catboy! A blanket big enough to cover a twin size bed and keep your Pj Masks fan warm and snuggled through the night. Just look at the smile on his face. He was super excited and couldn’t wait to jump in and snuggle.


He adores his PJ Masks blanket and it’ll be perfect for story time before bed when we read PJ Masks books.

PJ Masks megamat from TCG Toys! available on Amazon for $44.99

Pj Masks Megamat is the perfect place for kids to get down and play with all their PJ Masks toys. This mat spreads out over the floor or carpet and provides a fun scenery for kids to enjoy the day.


The PJ Masks playmat is made of soft durable foam. It includes 2 vehicles for play. The Megamat is 61 in x 47 inches. That’s over 5 Feet of playspace for super hero action. (colors and content may vary)

PJ Masks Gekko Saves Christmas is a book we received around Christmas time. He loved reading the adventure with his mama and he sat and listened to the whole story too.


Don’t miss the last two adventures that have yet to air on the Disney Junior Channel.

Ninja Moths / Who’s Got the Owl Power?
Friday, February 9, 2018 at 10AM

PJ Pinball / Bounce-a-Tron
Friday, February 23, 2018 at 10AM

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