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Enter to Win a Toshiba Encore Tablet #Giveaway

  I’ve partnered with some really amazing bloggers to bring you this fantastic Toshiba Encore Tablet Giveaway. This day an age every household can use atleast 2 access devices to the internet and if you win you can either keep this one for your self or you can give it to the kids for games… […]


Corelle Dinnerware #Giveaway ! Never Suffer From Plate Shame Again!

Do you avoid having dinner parties or inviting guests over for dinner because your suffering from “Plate shame”? I used to have that same problem until last week. Last week Corelle offered to send me a beautiful set of Corelle dishes to replace my old unsightly black dishes that were over 10 yr old. The […]


Saving Money and Looking Great with VSP Vision Care #Giveaway #SeeMuchmore

Your eyes are one of the most precious gifts that you have been given. Recently I went on a follow up eye care visit with my father-in-law after cataract surgery. The eye doctor discussed the importance carrying for your eyes and about the effects that your diet, as well as your overall health care can […]


Lemonhead, Chewy Lemonhead and Lemonhead Gummies Giveaway

Are you a Lemonhead? I remember growing up as a kid just loving the tart flavor of Lemonhead candies. We loved sharing them with friends and loved the blast of lemony flavor from each bite. Today Lemonhead’s comes in even more flavors and in tasty Lemonhead gummies, chewy Lemonhead and of course they still carry […]


Switch It Up with Krusteaz Pancakes, Muffins and Waffles #BreakfastNight #Giveaway

Do you love Breakfast? It’s my favorite meal of the day so when Krusteaz asked me to surprise my family with Breakfast for dinner I thought it was a great idea. I was sent a wonderful Krusteaz package with Blueberry muffins, Pancakes, Blueberry Pancakes, and Waffle mix. They also sent out a oven hand mitt […]


Keepsake Baby Tooth Organizer Flap Book Review and Giveaway

This is my little man. He was so excited to of lost a tooth and super excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy that he ran around showing everyone that the tooth was out of his mouth. Funny part was he was wiggling it all week and then he was complaining he couldn’t […]


RICKY RICOTTA Series by Dav Pilkey Review + Giveaway #RickyRicotta

As parents we realize the importance of reading. Reading takes children on an adventure. Reading increases their overall vocabulary, enhances the imagination, teaches kids about grammar and sentence structure and it can make you smarter. Everything we do in today’s society involves reading that’s why I love that my children love to read. We’ve been […]


Back To School with Fruit of the Loom & $75 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway #TGIBTS

Back to school shopping lists are on every body’s mind. With 4 kids it’s not easy to be able to afford all of the things that are listed on the supply list and to make sure that your children have the necessities they need such as clothes, underwear and socks. Sometimes it’s the little things […]

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